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    Broncos already adapting to the changes under new coach Anthony Seibold

    December 7, 2018

    From techno music at training sessions, to new coach Anthony Seibold blowing a whistle that his predecessor Wayne Bennett refused to use, the mighty Brisbane Broncos are undergoing an extreme makeover.

    New faces. New philosophies. New attitudes. New expectations.

    During the past few days, as Seibold shuffles confidently and comfortably into Bennett’s throne, the Broncos suddenly don’t feel like the Broncos anymore.

    The fullness of time will determine if that is a good thing.

    Depending on your level of cynicism towards Bennett, the Broncos are either Queensland’s flagship club, flexing their muscle with six premierships and an NRL record $46 million in revenue, or a faded force being crushed by their own hubris and ego.

    The challenge for Seibold is to not only deliver Brisbane’s seventh title, and first in 13 years.

    It is to redefine who the Broncos are as a club, and what they will stand for under his stewardship.

    A former Broncos employee contacted me recently to deliver a fascinating and damning analysis of the club’s evolution in the past few years.

    The individual couldn’t wait to get out. Apparently, there were too many “big heads” at Red Hill. There was a purported hierarchical division between the established NRL stars and those on the fringe of first-grade selection.

    Nothing toxic, allegedly, but a sufficient chasm for the lesser lights to feel ostracised by Brisbane’s big guns.

    Of course, this is only one person’s account, but the moral is this: NRL clubs don’t win premierships without total buy-in, and a collective sense of team.

    The fact the Broncos are mired in the worst title drought in their history is telling and will surely resonate with Seibold, who last year attended Harvard University to study a course in Building Effective Teams.

    Bennett’s two previous successors, Ivan Henjak and Anthony Griffin, did not greatly tinker with the Broncos DNA built by the super coach.

    Seibold, however, is already engineering change. Bennett’s critics will say it is the surgery the Broncos had to have.

    Some of the changes are as logistical as they are functional.

    Over summer, the Broncos traditionally did pre-season work at Purtell Park, 3.5km from their Red Hill headquarters.

    Seibold has axed trips to Purtell, arguing why Broncos players need to travel to an amateur footy ground when they boast a new, state-of-the-art $27 million training facility.

    It makes sense.

    Other changes are more significant, more spiritual.

    Last week, upon his arrival, Seibold called a meeting of the entire Broncos organisation. He announced that there will no longer be player awards in the dressing sheds after full-time.

    Instead, Seibold will deliver awards every Tuesday morning at a club BBQ.

    Everyone will be invited, from CEO Paul White to development officers to secretaries to the female staffer who compiles annual medical records for Brisbane’s injured players.

    The theme is one of inclusiveness. That the Broncos, as equals, can be greater than the sum of their parts.

    It would be foolish to trash Bennett’s methodologies — for he is Brisbane’s only premiership coach — but it’s been a long time between drinks for the Broncos and nothing breeds humility like failure.

    As a club, Brisbane have to evolve on and off the field. Now that the farcical coaching circus is over, Seibold has the chance to prove he is the change agent that can make the Broncos great again.

    Source: Courier Mail
  1. FaithinHook

    FaithinHook NRL Player

    Sounds really impressive in what he has done so far with the various changes. I am really feeling my love/passion for the broncos is back again (as corny as that sounds) after having felt pretty jaded as a fan the past couple of years.

    I would love to hear from blokes like Smokin Joe and 1910 to get their impression of how things have changed within the organisation itself. Have they been involved in any of the organisation-wide meetings Seibs has held, any noticeable difference to the atmosphere around the joint etc?
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  2. winslow_wong

    winslow_wong State of Origin Captain

    I always wondered why the broncos would train at a shit hole like Purtell park. But I swear there was a picture recently of Bennett holding a whistle at training.
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  3. broncos4life

    broncos4life International Rep

    I **** love this. This is important, an 'all in it together' philosophy can get everyone to put in more because they realise it isn't about them, it is about everyone.
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  4. Seems like a lot of fake PR to me.

    I'll wait and see what the results show. Every coach, even the worst failure of coaches have fluff PR pieces in the pre season.
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  5. bronx89

    bronx89 NYC Player

    Seibs for Prime Minister
  6. broncos4life

    broncos4life International Rep

    Seems like being negative for the sake of being negative to me.

    Why would you shoot all this down so much? I get the fake PR stuff, but these things are tangible. I agree even crap coaches get fake PR but that is usually shit like "oh yeah, toughest pre-season ever" "the lads are all buying in" etc. etc. These are tangible, cultural changes he is making, disagree as to whether they are good changes but claiming that it is fake PR just smacks of being bitter that Bennett got the arse.
  7. Lockysillegitimatechild

    Lockysillegitimatechild NRL Player

    Im guessing you were lobbying for bennett to get the sack in 1988-1991 then?

    A far more rep heavy and experienced team then the current squad yet they never got anywhere near a premiership (the expected result thanks to having a massive amount of the origin team) and we even missed the finals 2/4 times in those years yet you claim you only go by results.
  8. It's not really being negative, I'm not saying it's bad, or Seibold is going to fail. I've made it pretty clear that I like him as a coach, and I'm expecting him to do well.

    I wouldn't call new philosophies, training somewhere else or team BBQs tangible, they may be "tangible" in the strictest definition of the word, but they are all just different ideas of culture/performance which may or may not yield better results, only time will tell.

    Every coach does things differently, if he came in and didn't change a thing he'd be the worst coach alive, it's a new coach, with an entirely new supporting staff coming to the club, it's just his way of doing things.

    I hope they are better ways but there has been way too much fluff PR. All of a sudden everything he is doing is right, he's changing our culture, blah blah. It's all fluff BS. We are not the bottom dwelling Knights, we're a club, who under Bennett at least has consistently been in the finals, has had the second best win rate competition wide, and a threat to the best teams in the comp.

    The headline the other day of "Seibold major factor in TPJ re-signing" or whatever was the worst fluff PR I've seen yet. All he said was he likes Seibold and he stayed for the club yet they tried to spin it differently.

    I'm not bitter at all about Bennett being sacked, I respect the man and everything he has done for the club and would have liked him to see out his contract but Seibold is now our coach and I'm 110% behind him. I don't death ride the coach of the club I support, even if I personally thought they were a shit coach, like Walters or Kearney, I'd still get right behind them.
  9. There's only one coach I've ever "lobbied" to get the sack if you look through my history, and that was Griffin. I felt pretty early on he was a trash coach and I wasn't afraid to say it.

    Bennett has never, ever, at any point in the club history embarrassed the club by being a shit coach. We have always been competitive under him, that's something most other clubs could only dream to be. Aside from Melbourne every club has cycled from being top tier to trash, we've always been good, or top tier. Going as far back as the club's inception is a stupid comparison and you know it, so I won't even entertain that argument.
  10. Lockysillegitimatechild

    Lockysillegitimatechild NRL Player

    So youre telling me that you will not be on here saying seibold should get the sack if we are “competitive” just like bennett was in his first 4 years (50% in finals, nowhere near a gf winner with a better roster)? You heard it here first everyone. I very much doubt you will stick to that, considering you are bagging him for trying new things BEFORE ROUND 1 lol
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  11. upload_2018-12-8_12-6-38.png
    We've got music, and he "blows a whistle". So extreme.

    Oh wow, we're a totally new club now.

    I don't see why we need to re-define anything, we're a powerhouse club who has been tantalising close to premierships in the last decade, we just need to make the next step. Slight tweaks are needed, not "Redefining" what a load of shit.

    Anon couldn't wait to get out, "damning analysis of club's evolution in the past few years". Yeah, when we went from being hopeless plodders under Griffin, to actually being competitive again. So **** damning.

    The team didn't buy in, apparently. You can bag Bennett for tactics, but his culture is what made this club what it is, and it's what turned us, again with his comeback, into a competitive club again. We certainly were not that under the last two coaches.

    If you guys can't recognise that this is fluff feel-good PR then I guess we see things fundamentally different.
    I prefer to read balanced reporting. Just because Bennett is no longer our coach, it doesn't mean he was suddenly bad and we need a total transformation. Comes across as nothing but PR pieces to try to smooth over the huge mess of this coaching saga. It's fine, the club should be trying to generate positive PR, but I'm not going to pretend it isn't PR.
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  12. That's a confusing way to word a question, so I'm not going to answer it without you clarifying exactly what you're asking. If you're asking, if Seibold does "as well" as Bennett would I call for him to be sacked? No. We may not have won a premiership, but on average we were a top 4 quality team under Bennett. That is the expectation of this club. Seibold should at least equal that, if he betters it, I'll be very happy!

    Show me one example where I have bagged Seibold, about anything. Go.
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  13. Wow, if you're not bitter @broncospwn@broncospwn , I'd really hate to see what it's like when you are...
    He's gone mate, move on.
  14. If anyone knows about being bitter about a new coach, I guess it would be you.

    Either way, you've got to actually disagree about something otherwise I don't see your point here.

    I've made it pretty clear I am not bitter, I respect Bennett, I was disappointed about him leaving that way but I am also very excited for a change and to see how the team evolves under a coach who hasn't been in the system. I've said all this stuff before, I don't have to lavish Seibold with praise to prove that I like him, he's a 1 year promising coach, my expectations are reserved in line with that. He has a long way to go to prove himself as being an excellent coach.
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  15. McHunt

    McHunt BRL Player

    His meat whistle?
  16. Spwn, you do not have to justify yourself, I think you have been balanced in your posts. I agree with you that they are largely fluff PR stories, but in saying that, I think it is good business and smart marketing by the Club to be doing this.

    A. After all of the negative press we experienced from the start of this year about Lodge to the great coaching debacle, it is actually nice to be reading some positive stuff about us for a change.

    B. It is necessary to now at least in public (who knows what is really going on internally) that we are all on board the same canoe and all rowing in the same direction.

    C. It is also necessary to try and win back the support of those that may be embittered by the coaching saga.

    So I really don't have a problem with it.

    As I posted the other day, all of the negativity from whatever source will ebb away if we make a good start to the season playing good positive, attacking football with a committed defence. If that occurs, you can expect more positive stories being printed.
  17. Nah mate, real bitterness would involve sharp implements, voodoo dolls and possibly vats of acid.
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  18. I don't need to disagree about anything. Your posts over the last month have set the tone, and saying you aren't bitter doesn't make it so. It may not be about the new coach, but it definitely is about the old one, you know... the one who was booted out the door via voicemail and email. LOL

    I wasn't bitter about a new coach. Hook wasn't a good coach, and regardless of him needing to go, at least he had integrity, and didn't play manipulative games behind the scenes despite the way Bennett weaselled himself back into the Broncos, which was way more backhanded than how Seibold moved into the position now. Didn't hear you whinge about the bullshit PR then...

    Btw, (admittedly with a clear exception of 2015, which I am more and more convinced had Walters' fingers all over it), I pretty much knew it was going to be more of the same, boring Bennett ball competitive throughout the season, out with a whimper when it matters. It may satisfy you, but not me.

    I think the Broncos offer to move him up into the hierarchy and away from the field was a perfect fit, so we could benefit from his qualities, while not suffering from his flaws, but he showed Bennett really is all about Wayne, and got himself burnt this time, which is **** Karma at its best, so as far as I'm concerned...


    It's about time the Broncos moved into the new millenium coaching wise. Welfuckingcome Anthony Seibold!
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  19. broncos4life

    broncos4life International Rep

    I don’t really agree with what you saying here but there is only one bit that I disagree with enough to comment, so that’s what I will argue.

    We have NOT been a powerhouse club that is tantalisingly close to a premiership, outside of 2015. We have reached the top 8 only for the real contenders to show us how far off we really are. Hell, last season it wasn’t even a real contender, it was an also-ran team that we made us look like u15’s at home.
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