OFFICIAL Seibold signs with Broncos for 4 years


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Just got the members email to confirm it.

The NRMA Insurance Brisbane Broncos can confirm Anthony Seibold as the club’s coach for 2020 and beyond.

Seibold was endorsed by the Broncos’ Board after a thorough selection process led by Chairman Karl Morris, Director Darren Lockyer and CEO Paul White.

He will begin a four-year contract in 2020, with current coach Wayne Bennett committed to seeing out his final year as Broncos coach in 2019 – as announced by the club last month - and the club is looking forward to celebrating Wayne’s last season at the Broncos.

Morris said Seibold, the 2018 Dally M Coach Of The Year, was the most outstanding candidate among a field of highly credentialed coaches interviewed at length by the selection committee.

The Chairman thanked the other high-quality candidates for their strong presentations.

“We have been through a robust process and interviewed a number of high-calibre coaches,” said Morris.

“Anthony was a stand-out. His football knowledge is exceptional, as is his thinking and process around people management.

“He also has a strong commitment that will add to the commercial and community aspects of our club, which is extremely important to the Brisbane Broncos.

Broncos CEO Paul White said: “We have done a thorough due diligence and as a result we have got the best person for the job in Anthony.

“Our job is to look after the long-term future of this club and that is what we have done through Anthony’s appointment.

“Anthony is one of the best young coaches in the game and having him for 2020 is a huge win for our members, players, staff, sponsors and fans.

“Planning is well and truly underway for next season and we are expecting big things from the team – it’s a season we can all look forward to.”
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Coach swap seems logical now that its confirmed. 500k might be a stumbling point though


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Noice! Tough gig and pressure sure will be on him to produce results in those 4 years.

*Edit* From everything I've seen, he seems worth the gamble.

I think the board have done the right thing and been proactive, we were stumbling, the loss against St George at home in front of a big crowd was the final nail, something had to change.
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Hopefully they can sort out this swap between WB & AS late this wk/early next week. Pre season starts next Thursday so let’s get a full pre season under AS and see what he can do with the youth and talent of this squad.

Exciting times ahead
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The worst kept secret of the last week in rugby league is finally confirmed.


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Hopefully the swap gets done as well although I'm not as confident as I was in the last week or so.
The board is playing it's cards close and giving no indication that they intend to make it happening.

We have nothing to lose, AS gets a chance to form relationships with players who may want to follow WB and he probably has the nuts to cut Boyd if he is stinking the place up again.


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I have actually fully swung, I think Bennett should got the send off year he deserves. He won’t ever be coming back to coach Brissy again, this is it for him and the broncos are his legacy, I don’t think he will screw them over.

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What I do like about this appointment is this will be the first time in our clubs history we have appointed a head coach from another NRL club and it being outside of QLD too of all things (not including Wayne coming back from Newcastle for obvious reasons)

This also means we won’t have someone who has been involved with the current squad make the step up from assistant to head coach within the current system meaning we will have a coach who doesn’t have an emotional attachment to the current players. I’m actually anxiously anticipating what happens to McCullough and McGuire’s careers when Seibold comes in and hope the change takes them out of their comfort zone and take their games to the level they are fully capable of.
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I have actually fully swung, I think Bennett should got the send off year he deserves. He won’t ever be coming back to coach Brissy again, this is it for him and the broncos are his legacy, I don’t think he will screw them over.
This is what's really making me think ATM. Any conversation involving Bennett will inevitably involve the Broncos and vice versa.
Previous time aside, will he really want to taint his legacy with....this? I genuinely don't think so. The last time he left, he still had years to give to the game and his legacy. This is his last contract, would he really want to leave his mark on the game as the coach that, in pure spite, destroyed the club he helped build?


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My only concern if Wayne coaches in 2019 is how well will Siebold react to taking over a premiership winning side.


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I would be happy enough to see Bennett get one more year. I think next year we are gonna be successful with either of the two coaches. We have some incredible players coming through, it should be fun to watch.

I am still happy we signed Seibold though and I think he will be great for us.......not opposed to a swap for 2019 either if both clubs are happy.


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I'm at the stage where I'm prepared to say I'd rather the swap happen immediately. I want the likes of TPJ and Roberts to get a taste of Seibold as coach to soften them to the idea of sticking around.
It’s a good point. I can already see these threads blowing up next year with player movements etc especially if seibold doesn’t coach us next year.
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