Should we come up with a replacement word for **** ?

Discussion in 'General Talk' started by Mr Fourex, Jun 25, 2018.

    I hate to be like those cocksuckers on LU.....but their word for **** is merkin and seems to get used regularly enough that most of the population knows it's meaning.

    Should we make up a BHQ word for ****?

    So sick of these ridiculous edits that we have to constantly endure every time somebody uses the word ****.

    **** that shit!

    **** = shunt.

    What say ye?
  1. How about we just call people Hunts? That way it can have multiple meanings, you can call someone Hunt if they drop the ball, or if they're being a pea heart, or if they choke, it's a very multi-purpose insult, nobody likes a Hunt.
    One thing you cannot accuse Hunt of, is being a pea heart.
    It's a pity he suffers the curse of being called a halfback, when he is clearly not, because he is otherwise a well above average player, and can never be accused of lacking effort.
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  2. ningnangnong

    ningnangnong HACK THE PLANET!!!

    Haha, I didn't know that's why people used merkin so much on LU!

    I thought they were genuinely using merkin as an insult, which is hilarious. Some the ladies at work were talking about merkins once, and they were shocked I knew what it was. Thanks to LU for that. :emoji_laughing:
  3. ningnangnong

    ningnangnong HACK THE PLANET!!!

    Using @Unbreakable@Unbreakable's excellent suggestion, we could also have 'Kent' as the word. Similar sounding, and basically a synonym for ****.
  4. I'm sure I've had this fucken **** of a checkbox ticked before

    Some goody fucken two shoes keeps turning it fucken off.
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  5.'s fucken working again.

    Thank **** for that. **** of a thing.
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  6. ivanhungryjak

    ivanhungryjak NRL Captain

    Jesus, I’ve never seen that many asterisks apart from reading about Storm premierships.
  7. Old Mate

    Old Mate NRL Player

    Potentially the games best 5/8 if he was used in such a way.

    * Not defending his big game performances, I know he goofed.
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  8. It's been broken mate.
  9. :emoji_thumbsup:
  10. Dexter


    I try and say Emily as in Emily Seebohm instead of dropping the c bomb.
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  11. Alec

    Alec International Rep

    How about "Sydney Roosters'?
  12. Lol, that's a beauty. If Emily Seebohm was a bit more mainstream I reckon that'd catch on.
  13. Just say ****. We are adults.
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  14. Browny

    Browny State of Origin Captain

    Didn’t we used to use Harmichael?
    A few people did, but they clearly woke up one day and realised just how lame they look saying that.

    Just want to point out again. You're allowed to swear here. You can turn the word filter on and off in your profile.
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