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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Unbreakable, Jun 12, 2015.

    Pitiful... I'm over 1TB this month already.
  1. Dash

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    Okay, I'm curious. What requires that much data?
  2. soup

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    For me, cloud data backups are killing me this month, mainly because I’m transitioning backups to the cloud. It’s a one off dilemma mostly. Plus I formatted/reinstalled 2 laptops this month. Lots of software downloads.
    ADSL hooked up.

    0.8 UL

    I s'pose thats not too bad for ADSL.....sigh.
  3. Optus? You can do better with nearly any other telco.
  4. That's pretty poo.
  5. Dash

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    Correct. Optus and Telstra were the only ones who recognised that I had a cable connection though, and I wasn't interested in paying Telstra the extra $40 they wanted at the time. I haven't come across many better deals than $60 for unlimited though (plus it gave me $10 off my mobile bill, but that's no longer a factor).

    NBN is turning on in the next couple of months, so I'll be switching over then.
  6. Both my missus and I are IT professionals. We move a lot of data for our respective jobs, and I also download heaps of Linux distros on a regular basis.
  7. Bluray movies & TV shows, programs, operating systems, video games, lossless music etc..

    And lots of porn, especially porn filmed in 4K. That's how I pay for my filehosting accounts, because there is just so much demand for porn.
  8. Dash

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    At least someone's honest
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  9. Cable not available......

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  10. So I was looking at which company we were going to go with for NBN, and the decision ended up being Telstra.

    Well, I was outvoted really. I wanted to go with TPG due to the price, but the people I live with went for Telstra.

    They are a bit more pricey, but there are certain things that we do benefit from. For example, if we experience dropouts then Telstra will compensate us for that. I've already experienced that when I had a mobile plan with them. Whenever my service dropped out, I wasn't billed for that period and my bill was reduced. They are more flexible with payments and I've found their customer service to be better and easier to deal with, plus it's very easy to get a hold of them regardless of the hour. Plus, we won't have to pay late fees or re-connection fees. Plus, they don't charge upfront costs whereas TPG wanted $220 upfront for month-to-month, and $130 for the 18 month plan.

    I'm also getting a 12 month subscription to Foxtel Now.

    The downsides are the price, you have to pay $30 extra for the 100Mb/s.

    From my experience with Telstra when it comes to internet, they are more reliable. But then again, I've been told that Telstra, TPG, iiNet etc are about the same when it comes to reliability now anyway.
  11. It's not Telstra's network anymore, you'll agree to the communications guarantee waiver, so they won't have to compensate you due to NBN not being a traditional phone system.

    The only benefit to Telstra (Not a benefit over TPG and other big guys) is that they will actually have bandwidth available. The small guys who offer the world, don't have that backhaul capacity available.

    Telstra charge late fees, Telstra charge re-connection fees, but yes, Telstra will provide a payment extention that TPG will not, because they bill you in arrears, so you always owe them money, where you pay in advance to TPG.

    24/7 Service with Telstra is good, live chat is good, there are a few things they do better, but in my long experience with the uselessness that is Telstra, it's simply not worth the money.

    ADSL and Cable, I'd agree, they do have a better connection, but NBN, nope.
  12. If you have a pension whether it's seniors, veterans or dsp, you can get an exemption from late and re-connection fees. Telstra don't tell you about it, you have to dig through the fine print to find out that.

    That was one of the reasons why I stuck with Telstra for so many years for internet and mobile.

    The one thing I didn't like about TPG is that they were refusing to let me sign up without agreeing to direct debit or credit card, whereas Telstra were okay with that. I prefer to have control over the payments.
  13. Yeah I hate the DD thing. Weeds out the non payers though.
  14. Just got my modem as well as the Telstra TV box.

    The Fox Sports app is on it and I have a subscription to the Fox Sports website so now I'm able to watch full match replays of the footy on the TV without needing to download it from Fox Sports and put it on a USB stick.
  15. Morkel


    Obviously nothing like what some big-wigs here are getting, but literally 10 times what I was on this morning.

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  16. Since I moved suburbs, I've been relegated back to ADSL2.....and tbh, I haven't really been affected.

    The tiniest bit of lagging with some of the "movies" I watch, but nothing like I was expecting.
  17. So I got the premium speed boost from Telstra..

    Barely getting 60Mbps.

    I know there are outside factors to take into consideration, but before I was getting a constant 45-47Mbps on a 50Mbps connection.

    I should be getting more than what I am getting.

    I'm contemplating taking it to TIO. I'm paying $30 for that speed boost.
    Have you tried it at different times of the day / night. Also, are you testing on ethernet or WiFi? If you're on WiFi, make sure it's a dual band router with 5ghz too.

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