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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Unbreakable, Jun 12, 2015.

    This is a head scratcher. I jumped from 20ish to over 100 with my FREE Telstra speed boost. There's an outside factor here for sure. You're hard line into the router yes?
  1. Yeah, but you're on cable. Completely different when you're talking FTTN.
  2. That's what I'm trying to ascertain, what is this voodoo connection?? He might not hit my speeds but fmd, for $30 you'd expect an increase of some significance IMO.
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    Unless for whatever reason his max speed is that 60-ish even when not speed-limited.
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  4. Copper twisted pairs are the future!
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  5. 2634041B-6CD9-415B-8604-4DD13A760838.png After reaching a new low last night on my supposed ‘12/1’ plan with Vivid Wireless and an hour on the phone with them this morning, I’m back to a somewhat useable internet service where my web pages are actually loading again and I can watch a youtube video without it stopping...
  6. This is slower than regular mobile data man. 12/1 shouldn't even be sold as broadband, did you select it yourself, or is it all that was available? If they have faster available, the sales person is a prick for even offering it. I thought NBN were putting a stop to that happening, as that speed is good for voice and basically that's it. Probably different on fixed wireless though.
  7. It is yes. They trade for speed for large data packages on the Optus 4G LTE network via a Huawei modem so: fixed wireless and 12/1 is all they offer... Not the only solution, but the only wireless solution that offers unlimited downloads on a month to month contract, so I can cancel the minute NBN is ready... Sure I could pay Telstra $199 a month and get a 130GB mobile plan that would be quite fast, but that money is insane and still doesn’t provide anything close to what I view as an acceptable data package and I’d have to sign up for 24 months...

    The issue I have is no landline access, no NBN physical connection (yet) and not eligible for Satellite NBN, yet want to be able to download as much as I want, watch as much Netflix, Foxtel Now, Stan etc as I want and not have to worry about my data limit.

    When it’s working at reasonable speeds (usually) 10-12 Mbps or so consistently I can live with it. But I suspect many in my area might now be using the service and it seems to be having a marked effect on the network.
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    Thanks, I’ve ensured it is set to B40 only.

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