Stat to Fix: Broncos need to give Oates some help

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    Stat to Fix: Broncos need to give Oates some help

    Chris Kennedy Reporter

    Plenty went right for Brisbane in 2018 with some brilliant young forwards unearthed and their halves making big strides but after an unceremonious exit in week one of the finals and a new coach heading into 2019, on obvious area of improvement is their outside backs.
    The Telstra Premiership season just gone could best be described as 'fair' for the men from Red Hill; they were widely tipped to find a place somewhere in the bottom half of the eight and they duly managed that but got no further.
    Winger Corey Oates had a wonderful year; desperately unlucky not to be picked for the first two Origins (but victorious in his only outing in Game Three) he piled on the metres for the Broncos at 152 per game and racked up 18 tries including one of the most incredible put-downs of the year
    His opposite man Jamayne Isaako had an excellent rookie season with 88 goals and 217 points and a couple of match-winning players.
    Unfortunately for Brisbane, Isaako's 100 metres per game made him the only other Broncos backline regular to average 100 metres per match with Stats finding every other NRL club had at least two, and in many cases four or five, backline regulars who averaged over 100 metres (for this analysis a 'regular' is a player who played at least five NRL matches in the 2018 regular season).
    By position, Brisbane finished 15th or 16th in the NRL for metres gained for three of the back five slots, 12th for right wing but first on Oates's left wing.
    To highlight how much Brisbane relied on Oates for backline impetus, Isaako's 100 metres per game was a distant last in the NRL for a 'second best' backline metre-eater.
    Premiers the Roosters had James Tedesco's 192 per game as second best behind Blake Ferguson's 205 to be miles clear of the pack but there were three further clubs – Wests Tigers (David Nofoaluma and Mahe Fonua), Manly (Tom Trbojevic and Jorge Taufua) and the Warriors (Roger Tuivasa-Sheck and Ken Maumalo) that had two players averaging over 150.
    The Panthers and Dragons each had a second-best backline metre man with over 140 per match while the Raiders, Dogs, Rabbitohs, Eels and Titans each had at least two outside backs gaining over 130 metres per match. Of the remainder, the Knights, Storm, Sharks and Cowboys all had their second-best back making more than 120 per week with Antonio Winterstein's 120 landing 15th in the NRL but still well clear of Isaako's 100.
    Four clubs – the Rabbitohs, Warriors, Dragons, Wests Tigers – had all five backline regulars averaging over 100 metres per game.

    Right-side centre James Roberts is now an Origin player and while he was carrying injuries through much of 2018, Brisbane probably need more than 88 metres per game from a player with his calibre of running game.
    Skipper Darius Boyd is clearly more of a ball-player than a huge yardage player but at just 97 per game (more than a third of those on kick returns) he lags the other top-level fullbacks by a distance.
    Left centre was an ongoing issue for Brisbane with Kahu managing just half a season due to injury and the likes of Jack Bird and Tom Opacic among those getting a few games apiece.
    The end result for Brisbane was close to an all-or-nothing reliance on Oates for early-set charges; Broncos fans will be hoping an injury-free Roberts can elevate his club form in 2019 while Kahu faces immense pressure from the likes of Jack Bird and Kotoni Staggs for a starting spot.

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  2. I bleed Maroon

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    Kahu and Boyd are the two big problems. They're both busted asses who are dragging down the effectiveness of the backline and have to go. Roberts numbers are so low because he almost never receives the ball
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  3. Cult3

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    Funny that you talk about busted asses then find an excuse for Roberts who can't even walk without a limp after a run
  4. soup

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    Agree, sort of. I’m giving Boyd a chance before he’s 100% dead to me (lol). When Roberts does get the ball, he’s given zero time or space to do anything at all, so it’s remarkable he does what he can considering the circumstances.

    Hopefully having Matt back inside him helps, and with any luck, Nikorima has learnt to utilise him more through his experience with NZ last year.
  5. winslow_wong

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    What’s happening with kahu? Haven’t heard anything about him
  6. soup

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    Hopefully playing in ISC.
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  7. I'll be giving the different game plan a shot before I go shitting on our backline too much tbh. We rarely seemed to play with any depth and the players, Roberts in particular, would get the ball so flat that there wasn't a whole lot they could do.
  8. mitch222

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    Anyone ever think that Roberts gets the ball flat because he simply cant get his position right? It was never hard for Hodges to get the right ball because he knew where to receive it from. Roberts is like an endangered species around here. Nothing is ever his fault. Its always we need to get him more early ball and pass it to him. Sometimes Roberts not getting the ball can be a blessing because he is very one dimensional with the fact that he rarely passes. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with the backline taking the ball up. Didn't we lead the comp in metres gained last year?
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  9. Alec

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    Yeah, I've mentioned it a few times before too, I believe he's very limited in what he can do. It's why I don't think he was (or will be) particularly good in Origin and rep footy. As long as he has his speed he'll keep running around the opp defence, and still be a strike player at club level, but I think his career has an earlier due by date than some of the other, more rounded centres.
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  10. holdzy89

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    He is somewhat one dimensional, but what he does, he does very well. When he’s not injured, I’d like to see him get involved more, but he does take the odd hit up. Too often though he just gets tossed the ball, and sometimes he produces magic like the try against the roosters, and more often dies with it. For mine, he’s a combo player, so I want to see milf and niko interacting with him more. For set play kick chases, he’s the best in the biz.
  11. Gaz

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    Play the ball when he was dummy half.
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  12. holdzy89

    holdzy89 NRL Captain

    20 or so out from the try line that would be cool to see more often.
  13. Not at all, it could very well be as you say. However I just remember many times this year and years previous watching us in the 30 and trying to spread the ball and attack with basically a straight line across the field. Then you watch teams like the Storm, Bunnies etc who have so much depth when they attack that holes open up in the opposition D line which allows players to step through and create that space. That of course relies on the centres passing, something that Roberts definitely needs work on. Our attack just seemed so telegraphed.....playing deeper will make us harder to read and hopefully create that doubt in the opposition that they'll be so worried about what Kahu and co are doing out wide that a player like Milford can step through the middle.
  14. holdzy89

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    Kahu lol
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  15. Haha, yeah. Didn't want to say Roberts for fear of favouritism.
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  16. I bleed Maroon

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    Or better yet, not far away from announcing a departure to another club.
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  17. Stix

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    This is what I can't wait to see. The bunnies last season were fantastic to watch. Some of their attacking plays were so crisp they were virtually impossible to defend against, and with our backline (if we can get it right) will be very pretty to watch and very hard to beat.
  18. BroncsFan

    BroncsFan NRL Player

    Soooooo just thought I'd chime in and mention that when they're talking about meters from the outside backs it's the player getting into dummy half or first receiver and taking a hit up

    A lot of mentions that there wasn't enough ball going to Jimmy but when you're talking about the back 5 making meters it comes down to the individual seeking out work. I felt that Jimmy was a little lazy in that department last year but I'll put that down to his Achilles injury because in 2017 he was a decent meter eater and really proved how strong of a runner he is.

    The comparisons to last year's back 5 is like claiming Vidot is a beast because he made 150m a game, but would you want Vidot over Isaako or Jimmy...

    The game plan was clear:
    1st tackle: kick return to whoever
    2nd tackle: Oates (whilst the forwards got back)
    3rd tackle: forward (if they got back) or whichever outside back was nearby
    4th: forward
    5th: forward or spread it
    6th: kick it

    The only constant was Oates having a hit up on either 2nd or 3rd... we didn't play like the roosters who relied on dummy half runs from physical outside backs. Instead we relied on our physical forward pack.

    Hard for outside backs to make meters when they're not actually required to in the game plan
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  19. Lockysillegitimatechild

    Lockysillegitimatechild NRL Player

    None of those players aren't capable of making good metres, we don't have a Jonathan Wright or lachlan maranta with shit running games. hey are all strong runners of the ball. I think the article more highlights that our game plan was under 10's stuff - forwards hit it up then hope for our fast players do something special. With the roosters game plan, the backs getting more involved meant the forwards were fresher to bend the line more effectively and the way their backs varied up the hit ups (quick feet of tedesco, swerve of Ferguson, palm of Mitchell, etc) meant that defensive lines weren't always set up for what was coming (eg certain defenders are more capable of lateral movement defensively for tedesco, others can hit and stick with latrell, etc) and if they know its coming on tackle 4 after a certain player does something else then the defensive line can anticipate it (eg marker 1 is a great legs tackler so will step to latrells side to assist if it's his run). It's sounds complex but it's really not, variety in attack. Gone are the days when individual brilliance can score you tries when you need them (eg renouf), defensive lines are too smart these days and most defenders are too good, even when it looks like individual brilliance I guarantee it was set up 2 sometimes 3 plays before 90%of the time. It's about isolating defenders and quick plays.

    A lot of people don't like that the game is robotic, but I enjoy watching the tactics, particularly in those grinding defensive games where you wonder where the points will come from..
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  20. upthebroncs

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    I've thought for a while now that we should just put him on the wing.

    Forces him to get involved through kick returns, imagine his speed finding gaps through a fragmented defensive line.

    I honestly think he's bored of the centre position but just doesn't realise it. If he played wing he'd probably enjoy it.

    I always thought it made sense to have your fastest outside backs on the wings.

    Would love to see some nice cut out passes to Roberts on the wing and just have him screaming up the sideline.

    The Storm is the best team at utilising wingers. Addo Carr would be the closest comparison to Roberts on the wing
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