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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Nashy, Jul 22, 2013.

    I was looking for a thread to put my latest purchase in, but didn't want a thread just for it, so here is a thread to tell everyone what gear you have attached to your PC.

    I don't care about what's in the tower, people who jerk off over their rigs are weird. And Alienware is shit.


    I just bought a webcam, mainly because until today, I didn't have a webcam.


    Other junk I have:

    2x Acer 24" monitors
    Saitek X52 Pro joystick and throttle


    Keyboard is an old G15, and mouse is a G500. Headphones are Plantronic Gamecom. I dunno, they're black and red. And loud.

    This thread rocks. Right?
  1. ningnangnong

    ningnangnong HACK THE PLANET!!!


    Bought a set of these Edifier S330W's back in mid-2010 for $120 or therebouts, still going strong. The subwoofer is boss! Great value pickup.
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  2. Audio Technica ADH700's
    BenQ XL2410T 120Hz. Silky.
    Nothing wrong with a G15, G500 combo my friend.
    Logitech Rumble Pad.
    Logitech Thrustmaster ($20) at a comp market years ago.

    My tower is far more impressive though......
    ...and yes this thread rocks
  3. Nothing beats my tower... :001_tt2:
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  4. Here's my setup, full of awesome.

    Computer is an Alienware M17xR4 laptop.
    Core i7 Sandy Bridge processor.
    8GB RAM.
    256GB Samsung 930 SSD + a 7200RPM HDD.
    AMD Radeon 7970M Graphics card.
    17" 1920x1080 display hooked up to a Samsung Smart Station 27" display/hub.
    Slot loading optical drive.
    Amazing keyboard with an awesome fully customisable lighting system.
    4 USB3 ports, HDMI, VGA, SD, dual sound with custom sound card
    Killer MIMO 3x3 WiFi card with gigabit ethernet.
    Klipsch sound built into the laptop (best laptop speakers I've heard) which are great but obviously not as good as standalone but certainly good enough for me to not buy separate speakers.
    The best Windows trackpad I've ever used on a laptop, this is just underneath MacBook level for trackpads, one of the only trackpads that doesn't piss me off to use.

    I really love my laptop, plays all the latest games like a champ in full HD. I've optimised my SSD and with Windows 8 my PC boots to desktop with web browser opens in 10 seconds or less.

    The Cooler Master cooling pad in the pic is the same one I have with 3 fans to help keep the lappy super cool. That's also the same colour of my lappy.

    Razer Carcharias headphones - not bad but not great either.
    Razer Blackwidow 2013 full mechanical keyboard - awesome I love this thing.
    Razer Mamba Wireless and Wired mouse - absolutely awesome, the wireless is flawless and when plugged in acts exactly as a wired mouse.

    My display
    Two massive mousepads 40x40CM~ which covers the whole underneath of my keyboard and a huge area for my mouse.

    As you can tell I love my computers and peripherals. Only thing I'd change are the headphones but I'll probably just wait for them to break first.
  5. I use an abacus
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  6. Renegade

    Renegade NRL Captain

    I forget what my specs are now, i7 2.4ghz I think, 6gb ddr3, forget what my gfx is exactly but it's 1gb with dual dvi output.

    razer copperhead mouse, similar keyboard with led lights under the keys, z5500 logitechs (probably the best part of the computer, 5 years old and still haven't missed a beat)
  7. Bring it!!!

    5Ghz on air...
  8. Culhwch

    Culhwch QCup Player

    I have that one keyboard with all the keys, with the letters and numbers on them, and also some symbols. But mostly letters and numbers. And the mouse with the wheel. The one that scrolls up and down. It's pretty awesome.

    My keyboard, mouse and speakers are all Logitech, but can't recall the models off the top of my head. I did just pick up an Xbox for Windows controller. Haven't given it much use, though i did play a bit of Lego Batman just to make sure it worked okay.
  9. Best keyboards have numbers and letters, but more letters than numbers. A mouse with a wheel??? Rich prick.
  10. Thermaltake Level 10 GT (please ignore price, as I didn't pay anywhere near the mentioned one! LOL)


    - Intel I7 3930K @ 3.2Ghz
    - 32 GB RAM
    - Nvidia Gforce GTX 670 2GB GDDR5
    - OCZ Vertex 4 256 GB SSD
    - Seagate 2TB 7200 rpm HDD
    - Pioneer BDR-207D BD-RW
    - 2x Phillips 273ELH 27" LED monitors
    - Logitech 5.1 THX Desktop Speaker system.
    - Logitech Wireless Desktop Combo MK710 Keyboard + Mouse
    - Logitech G930 Surround Headset
    - Synology D412 8TB Raid 5 NAS Device
    - Synology D1812 24TB Raid 6 NAS Device (soon to come from Tax return money)

    Bring it... :winky:

    P.S. Sorry Nashy, had to put the tower there... :tongue_smilie:
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  11. [​IMG]

    I have one of these on my keyboard........

    for a whole bunch of reasons.

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  12. Ahh Seedy Man. How I've missed thee.
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  13. Morkel


    Fourex - X = sticky fingers.
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  14. Quality setup...Love the case. Pretty sure you've got me covered tbh :biggrin:

    i5 2600K @ 4.0Ghz (can get to 5, stable, I just don't see the point)
    16 GB (crazy kids and their 32)
    HD 7950 3gb
    Intel 320 series 120gb SSd
    WD Caviar Black 2TB
    Corsair Graphite 600T (black)
    BenQ XL2410T
    ATH-AD700 cans

    That's the important stuff anyway.
  15. I have these! The audio cable is buggered though, so if it gets bent the sound is ruined, really wish I knew how to solder/fix cables.
  16. Really. How long you had them? I'm going on 6mths and haven't had a prob yet.
  17. Youtube. It's simple.
  18. vertigo

    vertigo NRL Captain

    Did a 2500k build at the start of 2011 with overclocking in mind, haven't needed to.. yet.

    The price of a build that can run pretty much anything these days is pretty cheap.

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