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One year ago, I signed up to play a forum Survivor game and it ended up being an amazing experience. Now the same people who ran that game are running the 19th season of their Australian Survivor game and I thought I would put up a post here to see if anyone was interested, especially those that enjoyed my Big Brother games or Broncomatt's Survivor games in the past.

If you are interested, PM me and I will give you details on how to proceed.

If you have any questions about the game, feel free to ask me in this thread.


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How many people so far are interested, and could you give us some more details about what is involved, and what you would need from people who play?


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Oakland, California
I'm not running it myself. I also won't be playing as this season is just for people that haven't played in the series before. It runs a lot like Broncomatt's games of the past.

A lot of alumni get right into watching it and there will be blogs about it and everything. A really fun experience.

Not too sure about how many people have signed up.

The description put up for the season is:

The 19th season of the Australian Survivor ORG series is now recruiting our next set of first-time players!

The start-date is Sunday 20th May and the game will run for three to four weeks. The season will be run on Australian Eastern Standard Time or AEST, with events generally occurring between 8pm to 10pm. The format, of course, is Survivor. Sunday through Thursday there will be either a Challenge, Tribal Council or both as the game moves forward. These are optional attend and you can pre-vote for Tribal Councils, but obviously your challenge performance and attendance can directly affect your position in the game.

It is important to note that this game is ANONYMOUS or Closed-ID. You cannot reveal you are playing to anyone else. After you apply only the hosts will know your online identity until the game's completion. When playing, you will be given an alias of a real life Australian Survivor contestant to use throughout the game, and during the game it will be prohibited to give out identifying real life information.

This game will run on our private forum dedicated to it hosted by Proboards. You will get your link and login details on the day the game begins.

Note also that this series has always been intended as an entry point for Australian ORGers. Previous alumni cannot play this season. Our aim is to have a cast with as little to no ORG experience as possible, but we would take on those with more experience also if necessary. Additionally, owing to a security breach in our most recent season, we're going to need all applicants to have a clear online presence to ensure their legitimacy.

We're requesting all applicants to send us this survey as they make contact:

1. Which Survivor character (Australian or US) are you most like and why?

2. If you had to describe your approach in 3 words what would they be?

3. Do you think you can win?

4. What will be your biggest setback?

5. What Australian state are you from?

6. What sort of contestant would you prefer not to be assigned to play as?

7. In as much or as little detail as you prefer, what did you think of the 2017 season of Australian Survivor?

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