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Willison: ankle, season over.
Mariner: TBC

No suspensions.
Dave Ballard:

“Oatsey was taken to hospital last night and scans showed a displaced fracture of the jaw. He will undergo surgery today and then faces a recovery period of six to eight weeks. We will be doing all we can to ensure Corey is receiving the best care possible care as he is on the mend.”​
Hardly. Neither of his very clear knock ons were called either.
I disagree they were "clear knock ons." One definitely went backwards. Fatty was crowing about calling it.
Yeah but you are blind, so your opinion doesn't count.

Regardless, even if we can all agree on the 0.1% doubt on that one, the other one couldn't have been a more obvious knock on
Nope. Touch judges got it right. That's why they're paid to make these decisions rather than bitch about them.
Hiku - 1st one: 99.9% of the time, knock on.
2nd one: 100% knock on.
and my man Stevie agrees, even he saw that one.
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Oatsey gets a f*cked face and 6-8 weeks on the sidelines.
Drinkwater can be back after 3 weeks with an early plea 🤬
Hiku, also dog acts, gets the same as Drinkwater…
The system works.
I rewatched the game again & boy, the Cowgirls are dead set grubs 1-17 who all have fuckwit faces waiting for a punch.

Walsh— what can I say other than a dream debut for the club & himself? He’s immense and involved every minute of the game. If he’s managed properly(I’m sure we absolutely will), we’ve our fullback locked for the next 10 years. Go you good thing!
Yep the Cowboys definitely have changed the way they play under Payten. They have become a very grubby team.. Walsh did have a great game, his only blemish was being out of position on Nanai's second try..

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