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    I vote this becomes a on to my problem.

    Over the last few days I've been getting intermittent blue screens of death. No rhyme or reason for it, I could be gaming or just using the internet and my comp will shit itself. I find this quite scary as it seems to strike at anytime. If it was only during games, odds on it's the GPU etc etc.

    What I'm chasing here is some recommendations regarding fault testing software...HD's etc. The OS is running on an Intel SSD 520 series and is only 18mths old. At the end of the day I could just need a rebuild as I haven't done one since the initial install but I just want to be sure. No point doing a clean install on a faulty drive. Also a recommendation or 2 on a new SSD would be appreciated. Preferably from someone in the industry, who'd see a lot of them....the good and the bad.
  1. First things to look for are dust in the case, could be overheating.
    Next thing to do is check for any firmware updates for your SSD's and any driver updates for your graphics card/sound card and anything else you have installed.

    Check if you've recently installed any Windows updates, if you have, run a system restore to before the updates and don't install those updates and see if that sorts it.

    Any programs you've installed lately?
    Best thing to do with HDD testing is to download manufacturer specific HDD testing tools. So Google Intel SSD testing tool, I haven't used an Intel one yet but every other manufacturer has a specific hardware testing tool where you can know for sure if a HDD has failed or is failing.

    Have you got anything new plugged in that you didn't have before? External hdd's, usb devices, anything? If so remove them, if not, have you to your knowledge run any kind of updates for any of the plugged in devices?

    i'm half asleep so that's the best I can come up with for now. And of course, get the Bluescreen error code, that can sometimes be very helpful. Just Google the exact error code or post it in here and I'll tell you what I know about it.
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  2. Take a photo of the blue screen, or check the error report next time it happens and put it in there.
    Yeah got the knowledge. Have built my own systems for a long time now....just been lucky and haven't had anything really go wrong for a long time. Cheers for the suggestions, I'll grab that code next time it pops up. I'm away all weekend but next weekend I think I'll give the old girl a clean, just had a look in the case and it isn't pretty. In saying that, my temps are well within reason. CPU is sitting happily on 35ish. Will see what happens after I go dust busting.
  3. Also just check your bios to make sure your computer doesn't auto restart on blue screen, makes it way easier to get the error code in case you miss it and have to wait for another blue screen.
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  4. Try a memory test. They are usually one of the main sources of the problems. You can use a program called memtest86+.

    Although, you should only do that at a time when you don't want to use your computer for at least a day. A proper scan of the RAM and DIMM slot(s) could take up to a day.

    You can do a shorter test where it may take an hour or two, but errors may not show up on those. It's always best to do a deep scan overnight.
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  5. What Super Freak said. In my experience, a dodgy RAM stick is guilty of these sudden and intermittent BSOD's in 90% of the occasions.
    It will generally be caused by a system file loaded in memory and failing a critical read/write operation.

    The SSD is a possibility too, but that may be a bitch to find. Run a chkdsk /F on it, but DO NOT use the /R option! (it fixes bad sectors, but that is something that should exclusively be done by the internal SSD controller.

    As Nashy said, if and when you do get it again, take a picture and post it here...
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  6. Morkel


    I've been smacking my ram sticks with a chisel trying to get this blue-screen up. Anyone know what I need to break for this specific one?

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  7. As if you need it.
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    The hymen.
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  9. The dreaded blue screen......

    So far I've dodged this one.

    I have very basic security

    and watch ALL kinds of stuff on my PC's.......[​IMG]

    A guy I know has Norton AV up the arse with security vaults....hidden passwords...... all kinds of shit.

    He's getting the blue screen if he opens any more than 4-5 tabs at one time.
  10. I'm sending you an email with a really cool video Fourex, you may need to go through a couple of prompts before viewing it, but just click Yes or OK and you'll be fine... :spy:
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  11. Morkel


    It requires Media Player Shim, which is an awesome add-on. It installs on the zero sector of your hard drive and helps to download more ram.
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  12. Morkel


    Well played.
  13. Yeah, I've been fairly lucky when it comes to this sort of thing. I'll give the memory test a run after I go dust busting. I'll be doing a clean install in the next couple of weeks as well. It's no big deal as I don't keep anything important on the OS drive. CHK disk already done btw.

    Tell the guy you know he's a fool mate. All you need is Microsoft Security Essentials and something like Malware Bytes. I don't get any viruses and like you I watch lots of.....stuff. Norton is so stupidly system hungry.
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  14. [​IMG]
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    Right click My Computer -> Properties -> Advanced System Settings -> Startup and Recovery Settings

    Tick 'write an event to the system log' and turn off 'automatically restart', this way you can diagnose what's causing it, just make note of where it's saved the dump log and download a dump reader to read it.

    In the past it's either been overheating from dust or driver issues.
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  16. The latest Norton is actually really good. I would recommend it to anyone, especially noobs who have no clue how to set-up their computer security.

    It's not resource hungry at all any more (12 MB is all it uses without memory leak), and it doesn't impact your normal use of the computer as it used to do. The days of that behemoth that hogged resources and killed any joy you had using a computer are long gone!

    It does everything you want and need from a security suite quietly in the background and only disrupts you if it actually finds something dodgy.
  17. Norton isn't bad anymore, I agree with that. McAfee is the one I hate now.
    MSE + MalwareBytes + Formatting every 6 months.

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