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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Harry Sack, Jan 30, 2014.

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    Hi. Could anybody here help me please with their thought on go pro camera? It is my idea to become a Vlogger an start my own you tube channel an hopefully start making money from these channel. Would the go pro hero 5 be a good camera to do this? I have been looking at you tube vlogger an many use this camera an put it on a gymbal (?) i am looking at $350 for the go pro camera an almost $250 for the gymbal. Very Expensive. I need to know this is best option before i start this plan. Thanks
  2. Arr, one of me Linux ISOs was dodgy and full of malware and miners. Formatting sucks.
  3. So I go to turn on my PS4 today to play some Crash Bandicoot, and the things just dead.
    Turns on, solid white light, no display. Apparently a faulty HDMI port. New HDMI cable, different display still nothign.

    I haven't turned it on in about 6-8 months at least (I'm an Xbox guy) so pretty disappointed that it's just kicked the bucket while being used for like less than 50 hours all up. It's well out of warranty...

    I've ordered some HDMI ports and I'm going to resolder the port myself, but seriously what a piece of shit.
    Also Sony having a "standard" 12 months warranty is pretty pathetic. Every Xbox I've registered I've got 2 years 2 months straight away no questions asked as standard.
    Consumer warranties should be based on price. I mean, you can still argue to the ACCC that it's not unreasonable to expect this item to last longer, and after fighting, generally, the law in on the consumer side. But it's fucked. For that money, it should be at least 2 - 3 years warranty.
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    So my son is saving up to buy a gaming platform, and I told him to go for the Xbox. Purely because it's cheaper, and he's 6 so the limit of games isn't really going to be an issue (he won't be allowed the violent ones, because Mums gonna Mum). Sounds like the right decision??? (I also am totally assuming that because it's Microsoft it's going to connect in easier with my home PC which runs Windows)
  5. Xbox is the only choice. Don't listen to those Sony fans, they're actually not real.
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    Xbox sucks. The end.

    But seriously, for a 6 year old the correct answer is Nintendo. They're the only company that makes games that don't revolve around shooting someone in the head. But if he's only going to be playing Minecraft or whatever it is that kids play these days, go for whatever is cheapest.
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  7. Xbox is awesome, and every Xbox I've ever registered Microsoft automatically give 2 years 4 months warranty on all their products in Australia. I bought an Xbox One X on Sunday (trade in) and I registered it, and it automatically set the warranty end date to Jan 2020.

    Xbox One S go on special reguarly for like $299ish -!4127!AU!-1 Currently $280 with the 20% off coupon listed on the page. That comes with 3 months gold and Game Pass, so straight away he'll have access to 100+ games for free. Really good offer. That's the official Microsoft eBay too, not a 3rd party seller.

    Nintendo Switch is really good too, but IMO Xbox is something most kids will enjoy more. Haven't met any young fellas who are excited to play Mario :P

    PS4/Xbox is pretty much same same really. Xbox is cheaper, it's overall better, and the warranty is way better than Sony's shit "12 months".
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  8. Oh no one likes going to the ACCC more than me mate :P
    Problem is I bought it last year in March, second hand and I've lost the proof of purchase too. Too difficult to argue this one

    And it'll only cost me $5 or so to fix it myself. I got Crash Bandicoot trilogy but haven't had the chance to play it. I am literally fixing this PS4 just so I can play that game, otherwise I'd probably not bother lol.
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  9. Oh I forgot to add, yes it connects with your microsoft account easily and the family control options are excellent

    You can set age restrictions for games, web browsing, the lot.
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    Just because spwn's PS broke, doesn't make them some unreliable hunk of junk.

    My PS1 from 1998 still works.
    My PS2 from 2003 still works.
    My PSP from 2006 still works.
    My PS3 from 2009 still works.

    PS fanboi
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  11. Xbox pwns PS.
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    I just got an original version of the 1tb Xbox one with assassins creed origins and rainbow six as well as a month gold membership. Is that a good deal for $240
  13. They're still stupid!:boxing:
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    Other than warranty (which Xboxes have absolutely needed) in what way is an xbox better than a PS4? the only real point of difference is the exclusives, and they aren't even on the same planet.

    I will give points to the new xbox for having a 4k bluray player. That's mainly why I bought one.
  15. The controller is too small on a PS4. It's designed for tiny people. Xbox controllers are a much better fit.

    I've also found Xbox far more reliable than PS.
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    Oh yeah, well you're stupid! :p
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  17. [​IMG]
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    I never liked the previous xbox controllers, but I do like the feel of the current one. I like the sticks and buttons better on the PS controller though.

    My favourite controller this generation is actually the Switch pro controller. They've basically taken the best bits of the other two and combined them into one.
    My biggest dislike of PS is their controllers. I've never found them comfortable for any extended period of gaming. I've never likes the analogues at being where they are.

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