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    I've owned every PS too, love them. I do prefer an Xbox, not for game reasons though... It's just an incredible multi media machine. My Foxtel runs through it, it controls my TV, my soundbar, and it's better than any smart TV, even the cheapy $29 media remote is fantastic. 4K HDR support also makes it the best Blu-ray player too!

    I do love PS too, I'll generally buy both consoles because I like games. On average, I'd say they're about the same reliability, except that Sony has a pathetic 12 month "standard" warranty, where as Microsoft will give you 26 months no questions asked on top of being almost $100 cheaper retail. It's hard for me to recommend a PS4 over an Xbox for those reasons.
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    They've moved the sticks higher on the dual shock 4. Massive improvement.

    As @broncospwn@broncospwn says, the Xbox is a great multi media machine. But the Playstation shits all over when it comes to games, which is its primary function after all.
  2. I guess it comes down to preference.

    The exclusive games on PS aren't that good, IMO. Apart from Last of Us. Everything else, you can get on Xbox.

    I also think it has a better user interface.
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    Uncharted, Horizon and God of War are all amazing.

    The xbox one UI is a clusterfuck.
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    re the controllers, I don’t understand how people use Xbox ones properly. I mean your thumbs are in the same position on each hand, so the sticks should be the same, or is that just me?

    Xbox just never appealed, outside of maybe Forza (Sony’s been missing a flagship racer since GT4/5), I’ve just never felt the urge to get one. God of War, Horizon, TLoU, Ratchet and Clank, Sly Cooper, Jak & Daxter, Infamous and the rest, I think PlayStation wins out. Could they do things better? Sure. Are they at a disadvantage from Xbox’s PC crossover? Yes, and if I owned a pc, it might have more appeal.

    Overall though, it’s about the games, and in that case, it’s PS4, Switch and/or PC, daylight, more daylight, Xbox.
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    On the PC crossover, Xbox owners - what's the appeal? If you've got a gaming PC, why would choose the Xbox over the PC? I could understand it back when local multiplayer was something game developers even attempted to care about. An Xbox/PS4 is just a crappy PC, so what's the benefit of playing a game at lower specs when you have the option?
  6. I game very little on my Xbox now days. As a gamer, Sony security can go and get fucked. Their constant data breaches back in the day did horrible damage to the brand for mine too.

    I choose the Xbox over PC sometimes because ... Couch.
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  7. An Xbox One X isn't far removed from a high end gaming PC, for way cheaper. Some games are simply better with a controller on the couch, some aren't.

    PS4 literally only has exclusives going for it maybe controllers, I like both controllers so I'm not fussed either way there.

    For me a console is about more than gaming, it's what controls my home entertainment system and Xbox just does that flat out better, and they're also far more consumer friendly. If I had to dump one console it's PlayStation.

    That being said I don't see it as competition. You can pick up a second hand machine for like 100-150, not really much more expensive than getting a new release deluxe game or something, so I grab both eventually.
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    Yeah, I need a media player and have a PC so thought Xbox might be easier. Glad to have confirmation, glad to hear there are free games too, I had no idea.

    I'm being a horrid mother though, and am making him "save up his money" to buy one. Ha ha, he should be able to get together enough by the Christmas holidays....although maybe I'll cave and get one by September. Will be keeping an eye out. My friend just picked one up on Amazon au for $150 on a 24 hour sale. Spewin I missed that!!!!
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    To clarify: I want it to talk to my PC purely as a media device to play movies for the kids, not as a PC gamer. The kids are 6.
  10. Oh yeah it's an absolute dream for using it that way, it's just stupidly easy. As long as they're both on the same WIFI/router (which they will be) they just automatically see each other as long as your computer is Windows 10 you don't have to set up a thing.

    Screenshot below from my PC, just right click any video file, and you get a "cast" option, hit Xbox and it instantly starts playing.


    If you don't want to have to go to the PC first you need to do a bit of setup but then you can get a screen like this

    and you choose what folder on your PC to be visible on the Xbox. Requires a bit more setup, I only watch 1 thing at a time so I just use the first option and hit cast.

    $150 is insanely good. I had to save up for ages to get an Xbox 360 back in the days and it was bloody $500 or so back then, at least they're reasonably priced now haha.
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  11. Keep an eye on Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree.

    Sometimes you can pick them up for cheap because people are desperate to get rid of them.
  12. I wouldn't buy second hand in console land now days. Too much risk of a hardware ban on the networks, and no warranty.
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    And here I am plugging my HDD straight into my TV like some kind of neanderthal.
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  14. [​IMG]
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    Want something the little kids can navigate easier, have the hdd on my grown ups tv though. Haha
  16. Who buys a Kogan laptop?

    My god..
  17. Foordy


    I have a yamaha receiver and am having an issue when switching between HDMI channels (been happening since day dot actually)

    what happens, for example, is that when i switch between say HDMI 1 and HDMI 2 on the receiver, i get sound but no picture (just a black screen). to get picture back i usually have to either turn the receiver off and on or switch to a non HDMI channel (like AV 1) then back to the HDMI channel i want ... if that makes sense.

    anyway i can fix that?
  18. I have a Yamaha receiver, and sometimes when I turn the TV on, I get sound, but no picture out of the HDMI.

    It's more than likely the CEC **** around on the HDMI, which isn't super uncommon, but fucked if I could be bothered trying to fix it at this point. If you work it out, let me know.

    I'm of the strong belief that it's Foxtel. Foxtel and HDMI has been **** useless since they started using it, as we had similar issues with our old Samsung system from time to time.
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    EaseUS Todo Backup.

    Anyone ever used that before? Is it any good?

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