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    I wouldn't use the free one. But they are a well known company, and make products that work well.
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  1. Agreed. I don't use their backup product (I use Acronis), but I do use their boot utility regularly for work, and it's very good.
  2. Ntfs.sys bsod. That's a new one. I've never seen that error before.

    Now I can't access the windows.old folder after reformatting. I hate it when my computer decides to be a ****.
    Oh wait, now I can.
  3. You might want to sort that error out before you start going mental and installing things.
  4. Already did.

    Anyone know of another way to completely disable the Windows 10 anti-virus? Simply turning off real-time protection isn't doing the trick. It's still deleting shit I'm trying to install when I extract it onto the desktop.
  5. You'll need to do it for each file I'm pretty sure. Once it's removed something you can go in and allow it I'm pretty sure. Be careful though, not everything in a false positive, even if you know you're working with a questionable file.
  6. So here's a bit of an issue.

    When I transferred the backup of my old hard drive onto my new one so I could pick out what I wanted to keep and delete etc, it was successful at first. Everything had transferred over and it was all there.

    Reboot computer and then it wasn't. The space remaining on the hard drive says it wasn't there. Then I rebooted the computer for an unrelated reason and the space used has now changed significantly. 800GB had been used which is the size of the backup image file.

    But here's the problem, the file is invisible.

    I've tried everything I could think of.
  7. @broncospwn@broncospwn
  8. You sure it's not in C:\Windows.old?
  9. I get the impression that he transferred to a different location? As in a different drive but for some reason it aint there? Absolutely check Windows.old though. Unless you formatted the drive of course.

    This shit is why I always have a spare ssd, I never install back onto the same OS drive and anything important is saved to a different drive completely
  10. Yeah different drive.

    I’ve searched the drive and it’s not showing up anywhere but the space used is saying it’s on there.

    I can still get the files off the old drive so I haven’t lost the files completely but I would prefer to not have to format the drive again to free up the space.
  11. The drive you put the files on ok? I had a drive a while back that did something similar, turned out it was fucked. Worked that out by transferring the files to an external HD that I had and retrieved them without issue. It's odd, because it almost sounds like a permission issue.....if you've got another spare drive, flick them on to that. Or even just flick a few over to see, if there's not enough room
  12. It looks like there may be some corruption with the table containing the files information on the Disk. This is handled differently depending on the file system.
    Which file system are you using?
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  13. What's disk manager showing you about the partitions?
  14. How did you do the backup? Can you tell us the steps you took?
  15. There's way too much information missing to be able to reply with anything useful.

    1 - How did you backup? What system was used?
    2 - How did you restore? Copy paste, image files, program?
    3 - What do you mean "You searched for it, it's not there", searched for what? The restored files?
    4 - There's disk analyzer programs that tell you where the space on your disk is being used
    5 - If Port is reading this, I hope you get a BSOD.
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