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    What's to understand. It's called a Commodore. That's the problem. It is not a Commodore, and never will be a Commodore. While it was sad to see the end of our beloved Falcons, I'm absolutely over the moon that they killed the name and didn't just slap it on a car that isn't a Falcon.
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  1. 007

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    OK i should rephrase, people complain about the car after driving it. Journo's do review it well...public drive and dont like. That''s not an issue of the name.
  2. If it doesn't drive like a big rear wheel drive with a big 6 or 8 cylinder donk up the front, then I reckon the name would have a lot more to do with it than what you believe.

    I'm sure it's a beautiful car to drive compared to plenty of cars. But the people who are complaining about that car, I assure you, it drives like a heaps of shit compared to what we want.
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    The Camry is nice. It's 5 years newer than my Commodore was. Quieter, smoother, etc.

    But it's not the Commodore.
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  4. Yep, the new Commodores are a Commodore by badge only. I mean, the Insignia is a mid-size car, it's a hatch back, it's auto only. The engine options are weak, base models run a 4 cylinder petrol or diesel (lol GM Diesel, you might as well just throw your money in the bin), the minimum price point for a 6 is something stupid like $50k. There is no 8, and they are dragging their feel with the Camaro, like they have for the past 5 years.

    They should have just killed the badge. A Commodore, it most certainly is not.

    General Motors are odd though. They have always been absolutely **** dumb with a lot of shit they do.
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  5. Socket type is wrong. There is nothing that globe will fit in.

    What is actually needed is a 12V 21CP T-15mm globe.
  6. I would say at some point in it's previous life, the car had been modified to have some LEDs thrown in.
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    So I’m moving back to Qld , but have a motorcycle and need some help

    I read on the dot site that it has to go back over the pits over there ?
    Is it worth bringing it over or just selling it and getting something over in Qld ?
  8. I will find out for you, but I doubt it needs to go over the pits, it would certainly need a RWC though.

    Edit: Confirmed. RWC needed, but doesn't need to go to transport to be checked.
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  9. PerthBrissy987

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    how would I get one of those ?
    Just wondering cause it has an aftermarket exhaust and headlights ( LED) so would that be a problem ?
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  10. Just Google "Roadworthy [Town Name]". You have to get them done here obviously, but you can get mobile guys or take it to a mechanic. Our mobile guy does bikes, PM me if you want his details.
  11. PerthBrissy987

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    Ok no worries cheers
  12. So I bought this while I was over in Taiwan, it only costs me a few Australian dollars, and it actually works remarkably well. Very sturdy when driving.

    However, I’m not too sure on whether it’s actually legal or not.

  13. Depends how it sits on your car, in QLD the law is pretty vague about mounting. A prick cop would probably get you, because technically it obscures your view of the road.
  14. Only if it is directly in the driver’s line of sight. Offset like that will be fine. The rear vision mirror is...
  15. That's not what the law states as far as I can find. It only states that it doesn't obscure your view of the road, which technically, any part of the screen does.
  16. Yep, which would technically have made rego labels illegal. The ‘obscures your view’ relates to what’s directly in front of you whilst driving in a normal manner, not any contortionally possible angle you could possibly see through, ie: the ‘reasonable person’ test.
  17. Transport Operations (Road Use Management - Road Rules) Regulations apply to this:

    Television receivers and visual display units in motor vehicles
    A driver must not drive a motor vehicle that has a television receiver or visual display unit in or on the vehicle operating while the vehicle is moving, or is stationary but not parked, if any part of the image on the screen—

    (a) is visible to the driver from the normal driving position; or
    (b) is likely to distract another driver.

    Maximum penalty—20 penalty units.

    This section does not apply to the driver if—
    (2) (a) (b) the driver is driving a bus and the visual display unit is, or displays, a destination sign or other bus sign; or
    the visual display unit—

    (i) is, or is part of, a driver’s aid; and

    (ii) is not being held by the driver in the driver’s hand; or...

    Examples of driver’s aids—
    • closed-circuit television security cameras
    • dispatch system
    • mobile phones or tablet computers equipped with GPS receivers, or paired with GPS receivers by bluetooth, being used as navigational aids


    That’s how every Uber in Qld gets away with it.
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    So stick your gps on, you're fine.
    Yeah, none of the above actually states the area of the screen it's allowed to be on, which was the question. What I'm telling you is not that you are wrong, I mount shit on our screens here too, but the technicality is, that they say that it must not obscure your view but do not stipulate exactly where you must mount it, like Victoria does.

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