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Discussion in 'General Talk' started by ningnangnong, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. Morkel


    “It’s making a squeaking noise”.
  2. Or it was rattling...
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  3. Dexter


    Looking at the Isuzu Dmax LS T . Mainly want it for work and to tow a van as well as a little beach driving.

    Any opinions pro or con ???
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  4. Rico

    Rico QCup Player

    My brother had one and was very happy with it only got rid of it because he got a company car. I’ve never heard anyone bag them. Great vehicles in that class of wheels IMO
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  5. Pro. 4JJ1 engine is a boss. They seem to be a reliable workhorse.
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  6. Dexter


    Pricing looks ok too. I'm trading a MY 2012 Nissan D22 with 71000ks on it. I was a little disappointed with the trade in offer @ 13K . I could do better privately but then there is the **** around factor. The dealer has thrown in a towbar so net changeover of $39 200.
    I'm still chewing on it and will decide next week
  7. Tom

    Tom State of Origin Rep

  8. Dunno if the video says it, but they were off duty coppers.
  9. Dexter


    @Nashy@Nashy, do you have an opinion on the Ford Ranger 4x4 XLT 3.2l TDCi?
  10. I really like them. We don't see enough issues that I'd tell someone to avoid it. It's got a 5 cylinder Mazda diesel in it. We've had a couple of turbo issues, but that sort of stuff is usually avoided by looking after it. Some people hate the 5 cylinder thing, because you still pay rego for a 6. There are also a couple of quirks when servicing them, but nothing major.

    Isuzu engine is bulletproof, and will be cheaper to maintain and fix if things do break down the track, but the Rangers offer a lot more comfort features and seem a level above the D-Max when it comes to the driver.
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  11. Dexter


    Thanks @Nashy@Nashy. It's very easy to get lost with so many SUVs on the market. You mentioned to steer clear of the Hilux, is that because of the DPF issues or some other reason.
  12. DPF issues absolutely. It's a shame, but I think Toyota has positioned itself to be just another car company. They don't demand the respect they once did.

    The new diesel thing is just so unlike Toyota. Even the shit China brands were able to make it work.
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  13. Dexter


    Sorry to pester you @Nashy@Nashy but what are your thoughts on the 2L 10 speed Ranger. Has it been around long enough to get a good gauge on it's reliability. The 3.2 Ranger was a cracker to drive and so much better than the Dmax.
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  14. I haven't seen one yet, and I just had a quick look and our data hasn't been updated with the vehicle yet. I was looking into it a couple of weeks ago to try and identify the engine, but I believe it's a recent new build.
  15. abashii

    abashii NRL Player

    Didn't the Ranger have issues with the dpf too? I seem to recall there was a risk of the whole car catching on fire. I don't know how common the dpf problems in the hilux are either, I've read plenty on the internet but haven't had any issues with mine, nor have my mates (2 x hiluxes and a fortuner.)
  16. I've seen a number of them through the workshop with clogged DPFs that needed to head over to Toyota. It's only those that do small runs around town and don't get them on the highway. Toyota had them programmed weird, and the soot levels were increasing a lot quicker than they should. While it's not doom and gloom, it's below the expectations of the brand.

    The Ranger issue was recalled. From memory it was a heatshield issue.
  17. abashii

    abashii NRL Player

    Interesting. I'm a bit surprised you'd have that many through your doors to be honest, not throwing shade on your work but plenty of new car people just gravitate to the stealership. Plus Toyota had pretty bloody good fixed price servicing, 180 bucks a go. On the larger services where it includes diffs, transfer case and transmission I'm not sure you could buy fluids for that price.

    What oil do you blokes use? The toyota labelled one or something different? I know at least one Toyota dealer (not my regular one) fucked up and used a higher ash oil than specced which isn't going to do the dpf much good. Although now that I think of it, maybe that's why you still get newish Hiluxes rolling through your doors.

    With the clogged up dpf, aiui there were some issues with buildup around the 5th injector so they've made the burns more frequent plus also added pulses of diesel in the engine the way non-5th injector systems work. Who knows, maybe it'll become a standard job in every service to pop out the 5th injector and make sure it's not gunked up.

    Have you heard/seen much with the v8s? As much as I love the hilux I'd trade it in for a 70 series in a flash, if only I could afford it.
  18. New car servicing is our biggest selling point. Cap price is tough to compete with, but a lot of fleets don't choose Toyota Advantage and get the money off the cost of the fleet, and stick with their own repairers or fleets.

    We provide cap Cap pricr for a couple of our good fleets. We don't make money on those vehicles, but it also allows us to do the other work we find, so it's not the worst in the world.

    We see a few VDJ79s. As with most cruisers, they're fantastic. We haven't seen any 2016 onwards models though.

    We use Valvoline oils as first preference, Penrite as second. The only genuine fluid we put in Toyotas is Toyota WS Auto Trans fluid. The Hilux runs a brand new oil from Valvoline, it took ages to get the stock, but we've now had it for a few months.

    Diff oil is another area where small mechanics are falling down. They have a weird synthetic spec now.
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  19. Dexter


    So I decided ( not signed yet ) to go the Ford Ranger with the 2 ltr engine. The only way to keep the cameras and park assist rear parking sensors etc is to fit the original bumper under the new tray.

    I'm not sure it looks shit but not sure it doesn't either. I suppose I'll get accustomed to it but hmmmm.


  20. PerthBrissy987

    PerthBrissy987 NRL Player

    Meh I'm at type that hates aluminum trays, yeah to some people they are good but the look of them
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