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    What is industry standard in measuring a tray? If they are working the opposite, tell Ford HO that too. As for the sensors, which ones? The reverse sensors, or for side impact or something?

    I'm surprised there is an issue with them at all. They aren't usually callibrated with any data, they work completely on sonar and as far as I'm aware, shouldn't reference any vehicle size at all. Are the located on the tray, of under it, with the tray hanging over the top?

    Give the dealer another call in regard to the wire. If they don't want to help, just say thank you, and you will discuss it with Ford Australia direct.
  1. To answer your question. No. It shouldn't be that hard. But the entire industry is just a clusterfuck.
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    Park assisst is what would be affected
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    Nope, shouldn't be that hard. In theory paying the extra it costs to get done at the dealers means these shouldn't be your problems. If they've materially changed things from what was quoted, done half a job then given you the silent arse, I'd be escalating it to Ford oz corporate and if they're no help going to the motor industry ombudsman. It's not unreasonable to expect to get what you paid for or for it to be done properly, especially when these utes cost a fella 50-70 grand.
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    Under it, on the bumper that is retained in the original position. From what I understand if you put a longer tray on, than 1650mm outside dimension, then the software has to be updated because the tray overhangs the bumper. It's only the park assist that is affected.
    I've adjusted to the smaller tray by changing my box positions. It's just a different set up from normal but something I'll adjust to in a couple of weeks.
    I was well within my rights to force Ford to change the tray as I had it in righting but it didn't mean that much to me and then I found out they pressured duratray to fix it at their cost (customer service) because of the quantity of work they throw their way.
    Anyway, I will give them time to reply, probably mid next week, then escalate. Luckily I have kept every text, email, voice message etc since I started dealing with them.
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  5. So it sounds like my car needs new ignition coils.

    When I start the car in the morning, it starts up straight away no problems. But when it's been running for a while and I try to start it up again, sometimes it just doesn't start at all. It just won't kick over. When the car cools down, no issues. Starts back up straight away.

    The battery is fully charged, but I've been told it's the ignition coils on their way out.

    It doesn't happen very often. Only sometimes but it has been getting more frequent over the past month.
  6. More likely a crank or cam sensor I reckon.
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    Nice area up there. Like the pictures too. I’ve been into 4wdriving for ages and try and do a 3or 4 week trip each year. Remote desert stuff is my favourite, but it’s hard getting permission these days from the aboriginal councils to get right off the map. Realistically, nobody would know we were out there, but you’ve gotta play by the rules, I guess. So much more to see - it’s a huge country.
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  8. If it is the ignition coils, what do you know about the Goss RAE ignition coils? They are really cheap, like up to $50 cheaper than most other ignition coils and the only ignition coil I could find that's under $100 i

    $116 for a kit of 2 coils while most of the others are that price for just one. Some even over $200 for just one.
  9. We use Goss products when they are available. We haven't seen issues with them. What price are they each? (E: I just saw you actually already said. Let me check price tomorrow to make sure it's a good one)

    Edit: My main cat is down at the moment so I don't have a lot of info, but I think they do a set of them too for the vehicle I'm looking at (1.6 2002?). They're usually worth looking at as hey are usually cheaper than buying 4 singles.
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  10. Back in November I had the battery in my Ford Falcon 1995 EF GLI replaced with a brand new one as it was dead and the car wouldn't start(but still had internal power lights etc), I haven't had any issues up until today and now it won't start and the power lights won't come on, The lights weren't left on and the doors were properly closed. Any suggestions?
  11. I'd be getting a battery and alternator test done on it. Free at most workshops and takes about 5 minutes.
  12. Thanks mate will do
  13. I'm looking at the C479M as the part number?

    Retail is $174. and trade price is a few dollers lower than you're paying. It would be worth doing plugs and leads at the same time.
  14. Yeah that's the one. It's for a 2000 Ford Laser LXI R. KN/KQ SHPL.

    Is that $174 with the leads, as well? Supercheap are selling 2 for $116 (without the leads) and $75 individually, although not sure if that's changed and they just haven't updated it.
  15. No sorry, the leads would be another thing to buy.
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    Neat. I'm thinking of what to do when there's a bit more free time and the kid's a bit older. Was thinking either round qld clockwise, carnarvon gorge to birdsville up to clonkers then across to cairns, maybe up the pdr or check out bits of the tele. Or through birdsville then out into the yonder, maybe wind up taking the strysleki down into south australia.

    You're well right about it being a big place, could easily spend a couple of years only seeing half of it. Where do you go now? I get out to sundown once or twice a year, it's lovely when there's nobody else about but seems to be getting busier each time.
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    I haven’t been to sundown for probably 5 years now, but used to get down there regularly in winter cos we are idiots. Had a few sub zero nights that let you know you’re alive. I do love that granite belt region and keep looking for a property down there so as to have my own place to get away to. One day, one day. I still get down that way often as there’s are plenty of places to camp.

    Any of the trips you mentioned are definitely worthwhile, you just need time, hey? I’ve been lucky in that having my own business I’ve been able to take the time off generally, but you end up busting your arse working right up to departure time! Also have been called back in early by clients who reckon that just have to get a job done right away. This happened last year when we our destination was an isolated track up in north west WA and I got the message I had to head back early. The other two vehicles kept going and I made the long trip back on my own. Obviously had the shits, but what do you do? Missed out on some great scenery there.
    I’ll be leaving mid June to do the Madigan track across the northern Simpson desert and then play it by ear after that. Only going back a few years this was a pretty challenging drive as there was no track as such to follow as very few people did it. Now it sees a bit more traffic so there is a track to follow but it is still one of those historic trips that I need to cross off my list.

    The Cape is an interesting one. I spent a bit of time up there and I’m still in two minds as to whether it’s worth it. From the point of view of it being an iconic track, then yeah, it’s worth it. But I don’t think is bother going back. However, twin falls and fruit bat falls are definitely worth the effort. They are fantastic, and some of the coastline you can get out to is pretty good too. It’s just that there is a lot of nothing in between points of interest.

    You mentioned Carnarvon gorge. It is worth a look, but by far my favourite gorge is Lawn Hill. I reckon you make that you’re final destination and head out west to get there. It is a genuine oasis in the middle of no where. I make the long drive up there and take my kayak to just get away from work and clear my head. Love it.
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  18. Car snuffed out tonight.

    I let my mum borrow it for work because it's cheap on fuel. She was at the lights at NDIS in Chermside and the car just died. Would not start back up while the car was hot.
    @Nashy@Nashy how much would I be looking at for a new cam or crank sensor?

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