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Discussion in 'General Talk' started by ningnangnong, Aug 4, 2014.

  1. ningnangnong

    ningnangnong HACK THE PLANET!!!

    I thought it would be nifty to have a thread dedicated to travelling - whether it be within Australia or overseas.

    Feel free to share stories about your adventures, post photos, ask questions, complain or praise certain aspects of travelling, etc.

    Let me kick things off.

    Before this year, I had never done a shit on a plane. I achieved this back in mid-July. Never again do I want to have to do a shit on a plane. I am roughly 190cm and plane toilets are **** tiny. My knees had to rest uncomfortably against the door to the shitter as I went about my business. Not to mention that there is no room to er... spread the legs and get comfortable. What a truly horrible experience. /firstworldproblems

    Anyway, that'll do for now.
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  2. Sproj


    Yes!! You don't realized how bad it is until it happens!! I just hate flying in general, I can't sleep on a plane and always end up with some random tiny old woman next to me snoring away with her foot encroaching upon my shoulder. That's right, you read that correctly!!
  3. I can't sleep on planes either. Won't be an issue on my next trip as I'll be travelling almost directly North (to Japan) but I hope to god I can on the way back since the flight leaves at 8pm.
    The stretch between Singapore and London was an absolute bitch when it comes to a toilet break. Thankfully I timed it all perfectly and didn't need to shit on the plane.
  4. ningnangnong

    ningnangnong HACK THE PLANET!!!

    Yep - sleeping on planes is impossible.

    If I'm lucky, I might get in an hour at the absolute most, but I need to be really tired.
  5. Morkel


    Can't sleep on aeroplanes but aerobogs are no problem. Once I wedge myself in there anyway.
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  6. ningnangnong

    ningnangnong HACK THE PLANET!!!

    Normally my timing is sublime - you need to calculate food intake, last time you were on the shitter, etc.

    But this time I had a stomach bug and my plans were thwarted! Never again.
  7. Renegade

    Renegade NRL Captain

    I hate flying but I'll do it because it's the easiest form of intercontinental transport (plus the cheapest).

    I usually have some valium with me to take the edge off as I'm white-knuckling for most of the flight.

    First overseas trip was in November 2012 for a friends wedding in Seattle, did the whole America experience - flew to NYC, stayed there for 5 days and caught an NFL game at Metlife (Jets v 49'ers). Flew to Vegas, stayed there for 5 days, was a complete blur but one of the best times of my life as it was a bucks party for my friend so needless to say we all got pretty fucked up. Also went and checked out the Grand Canyon and did the Skywalk thing (which as someone who hates heights, was pretty terrifying).

    Hired a car from Vegas and drove to California, stayed in LA for a few days (which is kinda meh, universal studios and some of the beaches are cool), went to San Francisco (**** amazing place, could easily live there, such a chilled out city vibe) and cycled around the city on a tandem with my wife (across golden gate, up and down the massive hills), think we rode about 35kms that day which is a decent amount for someone who only cycles at the gym! Drove up to Portland, which was cool because it's full of microbreweries and basically every pub has their own, then drove upto Seattle which is where the wedding was and thus our trip concluded. Portland and Seattle were both really nice cities as well. To be honest the only place I didn't really like was LA, just very overrated, very plastic and for a supposed mecca of culture, seemed very soulless.

    Recently, we just came back from a 6 week vacation where I travelled to Brazil for the WC (went to Sao Paulo, Salvador, Brasilia, Cuiaba, Fortaleza and Rio). Stopped over in LA for a couple of days prior to flying to Brazil which I enjoyed more this time as I had lowered my expectations. Sao Paulo, Fortaleza and Rio were the highlights. Sao Paulo was awesome as we stayed in a hostel with a whole mesh of different nationalities, all of whom were there for the WC, so there was a lot of friendly banter and comraderie. Fortaleza has absolutely beautiful beaches, white sand, decent surf, just a very cool tropical location. Very hot but hey it's Brazil, it's never going to be cold. Stayed at Copacabana Beach in Rio and was two blocks from the Fifa Fan Fest, so was easy to be part of the collective. Did the tour of Rio, saw Cristo Redentor, all the usual touristy things, went through a Favela which was nowhere near what they're made out to be. Rio was good fun, though everyday it's just people on the beach playing soccer, very envious of that (maybe not so much their socio-economic status).

    After Rio we stopped off in Miami for a day and then flew to Cancun, Mexico for a week. Stayed at Excellence Playa Mujeres and I can assure you it looks/is as good as the photos. All-inclusive resort where all drinks/food are free, whatever you want, whenever you want, 24/7 room service included. Had an absolute blast drinking, eating, playing texas hold 'em on the beach, seeing the night shows (acrobatics, dancing, magic etc) and just generally doing whatever the hell I felt like. Staff treated you like royalty.

    Planning to go on another 5-6 week sojourn next year in August-September. Will head back to Excellence in Cancun for 2 weeks, then to Vegas for a couple of days (second trip), upto NYC (second trip) and then into Canada for a couple of weeks. Very much looking forward to it, infact it's the only thing motivating me to work at present. :D

    Might do Europe in 2017 but have to see how it goes.
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  8. mrslong

    mrslong State of Origin Rep

    I'm more worried about being flushed out of the bottom of the plane, you can't tell me it's impossible, I've heard the noise, felt the breeze as you press flush. I like to wash my hands then flush/open the door and bolt before the toilet gets me.
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  9. That breeze is the vacuum suction not from the air!

    All the waste is stored in a tank, it's not dumped in the air at any stage!
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  10. Haha, I'm picturing the toilet stuff being flushed into the atmosphere at 850 Kph... talk about acid rain! :rofl:
  11. I've been to Sydney a couple of times.

    I'm not even making a joke, that is seriously the only holidays I have been on :S
  12. Penny, up until about 5 years ago the only places I'd ever been out of Queensland were Sydney, Melbourne and New Zealand.

    Once you get a taste for travel, it's hard to stop.
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  13. I'm a pretty lucky bastard, as I have travelled most of the world for work, but I still haven't been to Central & South America. Definitely want to tour the place at some point in the near future... Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Mexico (that Excellence Playa Mujeres sounds like a good place to stay @Renegade :wink:).

    My most enjoyable experience was Japan during the spring, with their cherry blossom festivals and their very unique culture. From eating eggs cooked in "vulcanic sulfure water", through natural hot springs bathing at the base of a vulcano, feeling small earth tremors on a regular base, the karaoke, to the different suburbs in Tokyo, like Shinjuku (modern high rise), Akihabara (whole suburb of large electronics and gadgets stores and warehouses), and Kabuki Cho, where literally almost anything is possible... a family can go for dinner at a nice restaurant, then mum and the kids can go watch a show across the street, while dad gets a massage with happy ending next door to the restaurant.

    In the meanwhile, going to Vanuatu in September and planning a US tour in 2016/17:

    Fly to San Francisco, drive to Vancouver via Portland and Seattle, unsure whether to rent a camper and do the coast to coast thing in Canada or take the Southern route through Chicago, then Toronto, Boston, New York, Philly and Washington, fly to Vegas, drive to SanDiego, then LA and fly home from there.
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  14. and it also feels kinda nice

    ....just sayin'

  15. Sproj


    I've been all over the world too and lived in a China for a couple of years which was interesting.
  16. Speaking of toilets though, how weird is the toilet situation in Japan?

    On one hand, the traditional style toilet in most places is just a hole in the ground. On the other, the western style with heated seats, water jets that spray up your bottom and the light show to keep you entertained.

    I love those toilets. They should be mandatory everywhere.
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  17. Morkel


    The increasing wind noise, rising to a vicious tearing noise, kind of makes me think that if someone tried it there's be someone's large intestine in that chamber.
  18. ningnangnong

    ningnangnong HACK THE PLANET!!!

    Have these in Indonesia - or if it's not built into the toilet, there's an adjustable pressure hose next to it you spray on your clacker.

    Hands down the greatest thing ever. Why are they not a thing here? It's so much more sanitary than just using paper.
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    I'm sure I've heard of someone getting trapped but they would've had to be pretty fat to completely cover the toilet.

    Especially if you've got the squirts.
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