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Discussion in 'General Talk' started by ningnangnong, Aug 4, 2014.

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    Ill be travelling to Cairns, Mackay, Bundaberg and GC next week. Anyone from those areas keen for a beer?
  2. This is the view from the 89th floor of the Taipei 101 building.

    I went up there at night and during the day. Unfortunately at night the windows were a bit foggy because of the rain the day before.

    This is just part of the city.

  3. Go to the Pinnacle Pub, get a pie. Thank me later.
    I've been to Singapore two times already! I'm not planning to do much other than laze around the pool anyway.
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  4. This is the changing of the guard at Chiang Kai-shel Memorial Hall. It's quite interesting the whole routine they go through. It goes on for 14 minutes. It happens every hour and for the whole hour, those two guards have to stand completely still. They can't move a single inch.

    Sorry about the camera movement. At this point of the trip, my feet and lower part of the legs around the ankles were absolutely throbbing. I had a lot of trouble trying to stand still. I constantly had to move my feet just to take some pressure off them.

    And this is the photo of the entrance and statue.

    Right beneath is an entire museum dedicated to the guy.

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    Heading up north to Cowboy Country on a work junket next week. Anything interesting to do after office hours up there?
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    I need your help BHQ'ers.

    I am wanting to book a holiday to NZ for my mum for her birthday in October 2019. My plan was is to fly over (out of Brisbane) and hire a car and drive around, but I've never been to NZ so I don't know where to fly in to, or where to go? Auckland seems to be the cheapest flights, but I've been told Auckland isn't that great.

    Can anyone recommend me a rough itinerary that I could use to help plan it all? Wanting to suprise her with it for a Christmas present. Keep in mind she's 60 years old with bung knees, so thrill seeking activities are out, so it would mostly be sightseeing and the likes.

    Would a week be enough to see a heap of cool stuff? Longer? I don't mind if I have to fly out of a different airport than where I arrived, so it doesn't need to be a round trip type thing. More just looking for a general recommendation of where to go and what to see that we can do at our own pace.


  7. Do the North Island this trip, South the next.

    Auckland is going to be best for flights. Get her into there, Auckland is fine, quite a nice city, worth being there a couple of nights at least. Then I'd recommend;

    Tauranga - Rotorua - Toupou - Napier - Wellington - New Plymouth (Halfway house, beutiful mountain, but, I'm not a big fan, but it's home) - Auckland.

    Should see most of the sights on that route.

    Note: Auckland airport is quite a hike to Auckland city.

    Edit: If Wellington is out, then as of now, with a driving holiday, Napier is out really, as the main route across from the East to West is closed, and will likely never re-open. So you have to transit a place called the saddle road. It's a very scary road, plus it's recently had a slip too, so it's a good few hours of 40kmph driving, and a lot of one way. It's just not doable without Wellington.
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    Not exactly overseas travel, but North Qld is pretty fine. IMG_20181128_125501_155.jpg
  9. Nekminut. It's on fire.
  10. Clintos

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    Why would Wellington be out? Have I missed something?

    Seems strange the main route would be closed. Why is that?
  11. Clintos

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    Also - how long do you think it would take to do that route properly?
  12. Going via Wellington is fine, as it's the only other way around really. There was a slip, and it's as simple as, there is no flat ground to re-build the road, and the second, very shitty road (The Saddle Road) also had a bad slip recently. While open, it's very slow going and dangerous.

    Edit: I meant if they don't go to Wellington, I would skip Napier, or you need to backtrack through the countyside they've just seen. It's pretty though.

    Myself and the wife did it in 10 days, and I feel that was enough. But, I'm not 100% sure what it would be like for a first timer. It's different when you grow up and spend most holidays somewhere on the North Island.
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  13. I just want to point out. It's the main route between the East and West coasts from Napier to Taranaki (Where New Plymouth is).


    The black is the main road through. It's gone. Literally, it is no longer in existance, it slid away. The orange line right next to the black is The Saddle Road. My family won't drive it, and one of them is a professional driver. I've been on it once, it is a horrible, horrible and scary road without roadworks and single lanes.

    North east of Napier there isn't much, so if you end up in Napier / Hasting region, and decide not to go to Wellington (Someone might have told your mum it's an absolute shit hole with shit traffic, shit weather, run down buildings, and just sucks), you can see, the way to get back across to the west is at this time, via Wellington anyway, or back tracking. Napier - Wellington is a decent drive too with not much in between.

    Note: Wellington has the national museum (Te Papa), it's worth it for that alone.
  14. Clintos

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    Legend! Cheers mate.

    Not keen on taking any dodgy roads so Napier and Wellington will likely feature. I'll have to detour via Hobbiton as well on the way down too.
  15. You MUST book. Don't just show up, you won't get to go on the tour if they're busy. When we arrived, we were told 5 hour wait.

    Also. Wellington, Wetta Studios did a lot of the animation work, well worth a visit for that tour.
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    @Clintos@Clintos no advice to give, just want to say you're a good egg for doing that for your mum's birthday!
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    Sweet Jesus if you mean Townsville we have to fite-in-real-life. **** this place!
  18. Clintos

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    She's put up with my crap for 30 years, so it's probably deserving.

    She's never left the country. I had to talk her into getting her passport last year.
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    Thinking about going to China on this deal because why the **** not?

    Anyone booked through this mob before? I know Sproj lives in China so he can probably eye it over..

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