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    I just do a quick 360 video of the car. Takes 5 seconds, state the date while taking the video. Done. Never had them make a claim against me though.

    I genuinely just use whatever I can find a discount on at the time, last time it was Thrifty who had a free class upgrade which was the best deal and I'm an RACQ member which also stacked on a 10 or 15% discount.
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    If not worried about cost, as was mentioned in the initial question, always pay extra to bring the excess to 0. No problems then.
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    Cheers all!

    I'll make sure I give the car a thorough assessment and take heaps of photos.
    If I've never heard of the rental company then I won't even bother.
    Just touching on this. Much like travel insurance, the excess reduction on your credit card can be a large delay, so you will still be out of pocket.

    Also, do NOT book the insurance via ant third party booking agent. It is NOT the same excess reduction insurance offered by the rental agents. It will cover you, but much like credit card, you need to pay the excess then claim it back. In some cases, that's over $2000 out of pocket for a few weeks while the claim goes through.
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    That's a fair point. I handn't considered that.

    I'll just pay the extra when I book directly.

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