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  1. Morkel


    I'm posting this here as per the Staff request:

    This is textbook victim blaming. There is absolutely no way she has never done anything to piss Ben off, and yes, grievances in a relationship goes both ways.

    The fact that she is pleading to not have Barba sacked, and that it's just a "private" issue, says to me she is too far gone to be able to look at her relationship subjectively, and needs help. It's quite a common occurrence for women to feel trapped in a domestic violence situation, particularly if they are financially at their mercy. That's not "enabling" them. It's not condoning their violence so long as she gets to maintain a certain lifestyle for her and her kids. She's essentially trapped. It's poor form to say that, because she's not 100% "innocent", she should be attributed any blame for being bashed.
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  2. Tom

    Tom State of Origin Rep

    If Todd Greenburg says anyone that commits violence against women will be kicked out of the game what happens when there's a fight in the women's NRL?
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  3. jd87

    jd87 NRL Player

    maybe i worded it wrong i DO NOT think she deserves anything she gets. what i meant to say was to me she is also a toxic person and its clearly a toxic as hell relationship. Just with the rubbish she also comes out with of defending him and only seeming to care about money. that to me says she is in this relationship for all the wrong reasons and she should of got the **** out a long time ago if not for her then her kids sake.

    but that's my personal opinions and I have my personal reasons to hate on people who stay in these relationships with kids involved. and i respect those who disagree with me. i just want it noted in no way am i condoning what barber did or has done to her in past.
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  4. soup

    soup State of Origin Rep

    I understood what you meant mate. There’s so many shades of grey that looking in black and white misses so much of the picture.
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  5. Relax
    and **** having to to tip toe around these apologist wankers. She's a part of it, she's not blameless, she's a contributor. Most of the thinkers know what you were talking about. This dynamic, this scenario, this fucked up paradigm has way more variables than can be expressed in a few simplistic words. She should have been gone years ago but she sees more in Barba than we do. She has seen his greatest strength , his weakest moment, his faults and failings and she continues to love and hate. No one knows how incredible a women's love is, no ond knows how great a man's love is. No one knows the level of intensity that can be and the irrational state that love can produce. There is no human alive, male or female that doesn't know how powerful the inclination to strike out is. The release that violence brings. We are animals constrained. We are only a few thousand years from caveman status. Just because she is the female doesn't mean she is a breed apart, she's a part of our mad condition. She plays a part as he does. I wish we were more.
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  6. Sproj


    Your point was very clear, it’s just that this is a highly emotive thread with people feeling very strongly about issues based on their own personal experiences and often, a lack of tact when expressing their opinion.

    What you said is true and she is enabling him, no one can argue otherwise without admitting they misunderstood your post. This does not mean she is at fault for him bashing her necessarily. It just means exactly what it means, her defense of him and saying it is a “private matter” would imply to him she thinks this is normal.

    They were high school sweethearts, this is quite common in those kind of relationships because whatever happens in them, the couple often thinks is normal and given the history in this particular relationship from what’s reported in the media, it seems this conduct from Ben is part of their ‘normal’ sadly.
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  7. Morkel


    I'm not qualified to make an informed decision on this. But gut feel has always been that Michael Jackson isn't a kiddy fiddler. I think he tried to recreate his own childhood that he missed out on, innocently. I hate the fact that he can't defend himself.

    Also interesting that, when everyone thought that his estate was dead broke, no one cared. But now it seems there's money to be made, the "victims" are out again.
  8. I agree. I don't for a second believe that he was anything but genuine in what he said, but he was weird. His father ruined his childhood and did everything he could to ruin his life, for his own personal gain.

    In regards to Nova. I think it's pretty sad that Nova has decided to remove his music because of a Netflix documentary based on people who have not been able to keep a straight story most of their lives, and from what I recall, has been destroyed in courts about it all too.

    Funny that people whinge bitch and moan about those who think Pell is innocent, but a lot of those people in my life are also happy to throw MJ under the bus as a kiddie fiddler when the courts said he wasn't.
  9. Never was this more apparent than at his death IMO. I think it was during the first statement his father made after his death had been announced...and he dropped in that he was starting a new record label. Utter piece of shit of a human.
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  10. Dash

    Dash NRL Player

    These guys weren't destroyed in court, but at least one of them testified that he was never abused and was one of the main reasons Jackson was found not guilty. So either they were lying then or they're lying now.
  11. Renegade

    Renegade NRL Captain

    tbh, while i agree that he probably wasn't, even if he was, it wouldn't change my opinion on him as a musician

    john lennon beat his wife routinely but no one thinks less of his/the beatles music.

    i don't idolize the people, just respect their craft.
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  12. Tom

    Tom State of Origin Rep

    The guy actually changed his skin colour from black to white. He definitely had a few loose screws.
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  13. I watched the HBO documentary the other night and found the testimonies quite convincing. I don't believe they prove MJ guilty on their own, but it certainly paints a graphic account of what may have happened.

    If nothing else, I'd recommend watching it to see how somebody in MJ's position could get away with this crime.

    Both Robson and Safechuck testified as children, Robson testified again as an adult. In the documentary, it was framed that as children they had been groomed to defend MJ in case something like this happened and were extensively coached by MJ's legal team on what to say until it became automated. Safechuck alleges that he wanted nothing to do with Michael in the mid-00s. Robson did testify, but alleges he was pressured into doing so. Robson believed if he didn't testify alongside Culkin, Jackson would have gone to jail.

    Both Robson and Safechuck filed lawsuits against Jackson's estate but both cases were dismissed due to the statue of limitations running out.
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  14. You can't say he would have gone to jail. That's an assumption without proof.
  15. Right, but Robson believed otherwise and claims he was groomed to protect Jackson.
  16. Sproj



    I'd argue it isn't because these people are cyclists, it is more because they are just idiots in general.
  17. Tom

    Tom State of Origin Rep

    Rump steak is just as tasty as the more expensive cuts. Except porterhouse which is not very tasty at all.
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  18. No it's not.
  19. Renegade

    Renegade NRL Captain


    I like rump tho.

    On the steak front, scotch is better than eye imo.
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    Vote 1. Vote Renegade.
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