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If Albanese was their party leader I can almost guarantee Labor would've won this election, he's far more electable than Shorten.
I don't think there is any question. If he was there last night, he's the PM today, and none of this minority shit I don't reckon.


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Feels like the washup you get following a huge Origin match...

First we get this:

Then, today, the big story is: "Thousands of Australians demand cut QLD loose"



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And that plays into the electorate going to vote for a PM, and not on actual things that matter, because a lot just don't care.

That is where I think democracy falls over a bit too. A lot of people just don't care enough, but still vote based on whatever they see. Murdoch easily sways things with a bit of click bait and fear, and we have last night.

That's not to say I'm super unhappy that the LNP are re-elected. I'm a bit impartial, because I really just could not see Shorten as a PM. I really hope Labor put Albo forward, because we do need a Labor government again. If shit spending is the trend, lets waste the money on the little guy again.
I really wish someone would waste some money on fixing the shit house public dental in this country.

At the very least, LNP probably won't get anything done in the next three years. So we will stand still hopefully instead of walking backwards.


NRL Captain
There is that perception, which is weird going into this election, considering this governments track record with the nbn and giving dodgy contracts to their mates, flushing money down the toilet. This government has a shit financial record, but the usual fear campaign was 'we can't let in Labor because they'll **** everything up'. Weird.

I think Labor would have done a much better job on the nbn. Monkeys from the zoo would have.
They’re reason certain areas actually have good nbn


NRL Player
Feels like the washup you get following a huge Origin match...

First we get this:

Then, today, the big story is: "Thousands of Australians demand cut QLD loose"

I’ll happily cut Queensland free, at least we wouldn’t have to listen to these baby bitches cry about loosing the election.
“Awww thanks a lot Queensland”
Shorten was more graceful in defeat than half these sooks.

People need to get on with it, better luck in 3 years.

I bleed Maroon

State of Origin Captain
The problem was Shorten everywhere, not just in QLD. He was the quintessential example of an automaton politician. Every time he got in front of a camera his speeches felt forced and wooden, like he was constantly trying to hold back a political sneeze.

Way too cardboard, no sign of real relatable humanity anywhere except after the Telegraphs gaffe involving his mother, which was too little too late. When Morrison is seen dancing and clapping in the stands at Shark Park or drinking a beer in a pub, it might seem fake to most but it's a lot closer to the everyday Australian than anything Shorten was seen doing. Labor failed utterly to smell the rising populist mood in western democracy and it cost them very dearly, just as it did the Democrats in 2016.


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so Bill Shorten led labor to defeat in the unloseable election ...

gif 1.gif

gif 2.gif

oh and to the betting agencies that paid out on a labor victory before the election

gif 4.gif

Art Vandelay

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The ALP at their very core appeals to members of trade unions. So if we're going to be cynical and look at this purely from an educated vs uneducated POV then surely the ALP are appealing to people with less formal education?

EDIT: just to clarify, I'm not a die hard fan of either party. The ALP used to be for a lot of good things before they pivoted far left after Mark Latham but are now just your stereotypical left wing party.
That was probably true historically, back when unionism was a more significant part of the left political wing. Now that the left wing is just as much, if not moreso about social policy than economic their appeal extends to social progressives who are, on average, well educated. Union membership has plummeted over the decades - if that was still the tentpole of the Labor party they'd be struggling to beat the Greens. So over the years they have gained amongst those with university degrees whilst losing a roughly equal amount of support among the socially conservative blue collar workers.
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If Albanese was their party leader I can almost guarantee Labor would've won this election, he's far more electable than Shorten.
Albanese has to be the choice now, because if it's Plibersek or Clare or someone else then they'll still have to deal with people talking up Albo as their best option. He's Labor's Turnbull.
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A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.

But seriously, we might be becoming more like the US where "**** you, got mine" prevails.

Move over egalitarianism, hello individualism. Just have to follow old mate Hockey's advice and get a good job or else you'll fall behind with economic indicators showing the economy slowing to a crawl and teetering on the edge of the dreaded 'R' word.
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