The Footy Show has been axed!

Discussion in 'Rugby League Talk' started by Super Freak, Oct 2, 2018.

  1. theshed

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    Finally put out of its misery. Thank god.
  2. Tom

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    What is Thaiday going to do now?
  3. Cult3

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    Sign with the Cowboys hopefully
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  4. Well I mean, once they went with Erin.... it was never going to work out. She has the personality of a wet sock.
  5. Morkel



    I don't think I watched it even once this year.
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  6. broncos4life

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  7. jarro65

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    Worst Football oriented show on TV.

    Should have been axed years ago
  8. That's harsh mate a wet sock has more personality. Seriously though good riddance and should have happened earlier.
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  9. Alec

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    Footy Show with Fatty in charge was dumb as a rock, but I got a feeling that's what the people in charge wanted it to be like, to appeal to the lowest common denominator. It wasn't Fatty's fault, he was always by far the most likeable guy on the show, and he even now still shows moments of looking far smarter than the show gave him credit for. Then they got rid of him, and went with Erin Moylan, and she's **** terrible.
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  10. I used to occasionally turn on the footy show, but once Erin Molan was hosting, no thanks. Watched a couple of clips on YouTube and my oh my, it couldn't be a worse show if they tried. It was already awful but it had some low level lolz appeal, then they tried to make it half serious with Beau Ryan and Molan leading it?

    Can't believe it lasted the season.

  11. Fancy way of saying it appeals to the lowest common denominator and I don't really think it converted fans to the game.....
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  12. Lay off the Vodka Buzz.....Fatty isn't with the show anymore.
  13. I still had a soft spot for it when Fatty was on it, but once they axed him I knew it was over, I think a lot of the viewers were probably people like me just wanting the nostalgia of the good old days with Fatty, Sterlo, Mario, The Chief, Matty, etc.
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  14. Alec

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    Their House with Ryan Girdler.
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  15. That's a shame, it has been a long time coming.

    Does anyone have any fond memories of the show?

    * The time Clinton Schifcofske completely shattered this kids dream of watching him play for NSW.

    * There was a segment where Sterlo took a bunch of paintballs to the gut like a maniac.

    *The serious interviews were usually top notch. The Joey drug admission, Gallop vs. Gould, Gould dishing on Hook etc. all fond memories

    * Nads, the race dog

    *Big Marn riding the motorbike into the fence

    They tried to revamp the show, but making it a glorified post-match show was never going to help matters. 9 have to re-think who they cast on these shows. I couldn't see JT giving an honest opinion on anything and Thaiday tries way too hard. They also managed to get the least funny Sims of the bunch. Maybe Nathan Brown can apply for the job when things turn pear shape at Newcastle?
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  16. Tom

    Tom NRL Captain

    Wendell\Ross arm wrestle was pretty cool I guess.
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  17. The "Daredevil Dudes" stuff was hilarious
  18. Renegade

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    I'm not a big fan of molan but i dont think you can blame her much. They gave her a show that had been terminal for years and basically said bring it back to its glory days. Tough ask.

    The landscape has changed, people want more serious discussion thanks to what nrl fox has been doing in recent times and trying to reverse what the footy show had moved towards over the years, within a 12 month span? Nah. People gonna feel the rug has been pulled from underneath them.
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