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Discussion in 'General Talk' started by Sproj, Nov 15, 2018.

  1. soup

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    Yep, but mostly the Jordanian pilot video.

    I was so overworked, my partner had severe post-natal depression and I wanted to see that people had it worse than me. I saw what I wanted to see, though I really didn’t want to see it.
  2. Renegade

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    I think the beheading videos are a bit more visceral which is why it fucks you up a lot more. I actually haven't watched one because of the aforementioned. Shootings tho? Just feels like another video game.

    The bud dwyer one was the first one I remember going wow... that's a lot of blood. After that it just seems to be more of the same I mean even this one is not as in your face as that one, IMO of course.
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  3. roo-ted

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    Yeah our eyes are not designed to watch that kind of stuff, hope things are better for you now mate
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    Glad Scomo isn't sugar coating it and calling Fraser a fuckwit.

    Honestly though how does someone with 19 **** votes get into parliament and have a say in laws? Yikes. I don't know if anything can be done legally but a senator should never be allowed to say the equivalent of haha they deserved it payback's a bitch when we're speaking about terrorist attacks. Screenshot_20190315-230446__01.jpeg
  4. I've seen some aftermath videos and I couldn't watch them. Not the shooting itself but the victims crying and realising what happened. One guy ran away during the shootings to find his wife and found her dead on the footpath.

    The freaks on 4chan/8chan and all the other neckbeard websites need to be monitored more closely. Sure there's plenty of trolls but even joking about killing people should have swat teams breaking your door. Normal humans don't joke about plotting mass murders, it can't be ignored for troll talk, not anymore anyway.
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  5. Amazing and terrifying to consider. I had thought about the effects it would have on me mainly due to remembering the hammer blow I'd felt many years prior. On that occasion as a very young man I'd seen a series of photos of a chinese army soldier disembowelling a japanese army soldier. Please note here, it could have been the other way round. I know very little about uniforms and the details of identity are blurred. I believe they were ww2 photos, black and white. One man tied to a post, the other plunging a knife in, cutting and then reaching in and pulling out his intestines. The victim was still plainly alive, at least for the act. The perpetrator smiling while posing, holding his prize aloft, still attached. I'll never forget it. That's what stopped me watching anything like such horror.
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  6. Yeah I think I've seen those images you're talking about actually, a very long time ago, can't recall any details, but it definetely rings a bell, especially the guy smiling whilst doing it.
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  7. soup

    soup State of Origin Rep

    Agree wholeheartedly. After reading so many threads regarding the lead up to this, why isn’t the FBI/CIA/SS/ASIO all over this. The bloke announced it. He didn’t even hide his identity.

    I’m not a tin-foil hat type, but it’s hard not to explore left-field reasoning as to why this evil happens so easily.
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  8. Video game link claims are around at the moment but scientific scrutiny has denied it has an effect in just the last year. Some pretty rigorous testing and analysis I might add.
  9. Yep this was all openly plotted for months like yeah boys we doing this shit.

    I don't frequent those cesspools because when I have in the past you get random CP images pop up in posts because haha CP so funny so I avoid even clicking links there anymore.

    Does no one on there report these freaks? Or have authorities dismissed it as random Internet trolls. Either way they can't dismiss it anymore as a joke. I believe a few mass murders had been announced on that website before then followed through, obviously heaps that have not eventuated but still...
  10. soup

    soup State of Origin Rep

    The WTC attack was even stated online before it happened. If people like you and me can see what is forecast, I can only blame ineptitude and complacency on the authorities for not foreseeing the events that follow.

    That, or I need to commission @Morkel@Morkel to craft me a bespoke tin foil akubra.
  11. I recall the terrorists that were responsible for the WTC attack being watched but the authorities couldn't do anything as they weren't breaking any laws.
  12. MrMoore

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    Seen the video, he could of got away with it if he didnt stream it.
  13. soup

    soup State of Origin Rep

    They announced what they were planning to do a couple of months prior, the exact date, and the whole plan. Not to the nth detail, but ****.

    I’m not the type, but I actually reported it to the FBI when I saw it.

    I know how that sounds, but it was the case.

    When it happened, I was watching it in bed at about 11pm at night. I was so angry.
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  14. ningnangnong

    ningnangnong HACK THE PLANET!!!

    49 confirmed dead now - to put that in perspective, according to an article I was just reading on The New York Times website, there was a total of 35 murders in New Zealand in 2017.
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  15. soup

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    So sad. I keep thinking about the many, many families grieving tonight. It’s absolutwly despicable.
  16. They are semi-automatic AR-15 variants used in this shooting. Those sort of rifles are legal in New Zealand (as they used to be here, pre- Port Arthur) but not in the configuration used in this shooting, with extended magazines etc.

    It appears he must have acquired these illegally. I’m not an expert on this, but I don’t believe he has been there long enough to have worked his way through the onerous process of legally acquiring such weapons there.
  17. Morkel


    I don't know if it's a good thing, but I'm desensitised to these videos now. I haven't actually seen this one as they're taking as much as they can offline, so I'll likely never see it and that's fine. It doesn't mean I take them lightly though, it actually reminds me how fragile life is, and how much we have to appreciate it. If it's not a mass shooting, it's a car accident or disease or whatever, one moment you're alive, the next you're effectively a sausage - dead meat & bone packed in skin.
  18. Browny

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    I have no idea what 4chan is but backpage and similar was able to be closed down because of sexual servitude links then surely this is reason for it as well.

    Or do we leave it but actually monitor it better?
  19. Sproj


    So this guy is now Australia’s biggest mass murderer I guess, how sad.

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