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Discussion in 'General Talk' started by Sproj, Nov 15, 2018.

    I still can't believe this has happened to New Zealand.
  1. Also, just to put it into some scale about how big this is compared to others.

    1. Peshawar School massacre (Pakistan) 2014: 149 fatalities
    2. Garissa University (Kenya) 2015: 148 fatalities
    3. Paris nightclub attacks (France) 2015: 130
    4. Oslo and Utova attacks (Norway) 2011: 77
    5. Westgate shopping mall (Kenya) 2013: 67
    6. Uiryeong County shooting (South Korea) 1982: 58
    7. Christchurch Mosque Attacks (Christchurch, NZ) 2019: 50*
    8. Orlando nightclub shooting (Florida, US) 2016: 49
    9. Sousse beach shooting (Tunisia) 2015: 38
    10. Port Arthur Massacre (Tasmania, Australia) 1996: 35

    * May still rise
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  2. broncos4life

    broncos4life International Rep

    I still can’t get past that this shit stain chased down a 5 year old and murdered them. A 5 year old. My youngest is 5 and I just can’t move past this. How **** horrifying that poor little kids last moments must have been. Anyone who had any involvement in this deserves to be physically ripped apart.
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  3. The Sunday Telegraph labelled the guy an "Australian racist".

    Their front page had a picture of a 3 year old and said he was killed by an Australian racist. They won't even call him what he actually is.

    A racist is someone that makes racial slurs. This guy is a **** terrorist, no different to those ISIS scum.

    Edit: Found the photo of the front page.

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  4. He is both a terrorist and a racist. He used terrorism to assert his racist views.

    Al Qaeda, ISIL, Hezbollah, etc... use terrorism to assert their religious views.
    Would you be upset if they showed a kid's photo saying he was slain by a religious fanatic (even though it was by means of terrorism)?
  5. That's **** excellent. Make him PM.

  6. This guy is a hero. Hope he gets recognised along with the school teacher that Nashy posted.
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  7. Tom

    Tom NRL Captain

    Strictly speaking muslims are not a race. Racist is the wrong word for the journo to use and a journo should know that.
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  8. Deathtoll has been raised to 50.
  9. If you read the news and what his manifesto says, his problem is not just muslims, it's non-whites. That he sees muslims as the biggest threat is of course thanks to the current alt-right rhetoric. The word is absolutely correct.
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  10. Ironbroncos

    Ironbroncos QCup Player

    Sad day for NZ.

    First heard of this whilst on my way to work on Friday round 2:30ish in the arvo on talkback radio talking about the Bangledash cricket team having narrowly escaping something happening at a mosque in Christchurch.
    Slowly but surely within the next 2 hours everything became more apparent. Youtubed the video once I had heard he had livestreamed something; and although I was kind of desensitised, it still was f%^kd up for reals.
    They cancelled a super rugby game, the annual secondary schools Polynesian festival, Bryan Adams concert, St Pats day celebrations, Warriors game still went ahead though..

    As a born & bred kiwi you'd think it couldnt happen, but when it does, damn, sh#t is real.

    R.I.P. to all who lost their lives.
  11. Tom

    Tom NRL Captain

    Nevertheless, I believe terrorist would have been a more appropriate word to use. Or at the very least both words.
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  12. Both would have been better of course. It doesn't make the journo wrong, as it actually points towards the reason (xenophobia in this case) behind the terrorism act.

    P.S. It's probably a good thing too, as radical nationalism has been flying under the radar with all the focus on Muslim extremism.
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  13. Browny

    Browny State of Origin Captain

    As much as Fraser Anning is a dick I’m not liking the fact everyone is soo flippant about eggboi attacking him.

    And yes Anning and Co overreacted, as his initial reaction could be construed as self defence but not the rest.

    Charge both for assault otherwise watch more eggs etc being used on people’s opinion they don’t agree with
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  14. Tom

    Tom NRL Captain

    My thoughts exactly. People have actually been raising this kid money. It was nearly up to $40k last I read, and the website has said "most" of it will go to the christchurch victims but that could mean anything. What kind of message is this actually sending?
  15. ivanhungryjak

    ivanhungryjak NRL Captain

    As much as Anning is a dick, he was elected according to the rules in place (It’s ridiculous that somebody can get in on 19 votes but here we are).
    Until somebody decides to reform the senate, you can’t whinge when somebody you don’t like gets in and says/does something you don’t agree with. A change petition means three fifths of stuff all, really.
  16. Browny

    Browny State of Origin Captain

    That’s the other side of my gripe, a petition and a censure is the equivalent of a letter from the UN to Kim Jong saying he’s very naughty.

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