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    Similar setup. They need to make sure you don't hate X type of person before they put you in front of X type of person. Keeping a KKK member off a black man's trial is probably a desire.
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    Who selects? The legal system or do the prosecution & defendant get half each?
  2. Magic?
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    Could've changed since I did mine, but I believe the set-up was they get about 30 potential jurors in the room and randomly call numbers for them to come up and walk to the jurors stand, the defense and prosecution each has "x" amount of vetos. If you make it to the jurors stand before either of them say anything, you're a juror, if either the defense or prosecution don't like the look of you, or you don't fit the bill for the kind of juror they want, they can veto you, and you just keep walking and go back in to the pool of 30.
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    Which is what worries me. It’s effectively choosing a jury. It’s hardly a random selection of jurors that would give a hopefully even cross-section of society. Having both sides of the case able to select just means potentially you’re going to have two extreme sides trying to reach a decision. It just seems wrong.
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    Do they ask personal questions or do they veto just based on the look of you?
  5. The lawyers don't select, they veto members who they think would be biased towards the other side. It's different from being able to take their pick of the jurors.
    This actually stops the jury from being on 2 extreme sides and affords a better balance, provided one of the lawyers doesn't suck at jury selection.
  6. Certainly didn't ask questions in the one I was in, they literally just looked at people like hawks as they walked to the jurors table, if for whatever reason you weren't what they were looking for (Age? Gender?) they vetoed.
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    So like this:

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    Anyone know how to strip copper plate from brass window handles? I soaked them in 5 parts white vinegar 1 Part hydrogen peroxide and it sort of worked to a degree. I'm wondering if anyone knows a better method.
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    When was the last time you mooned someone? When was the last time someone mooned you? How come nobody does it anymore?
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    I mooned my wife on the weekend as she was returning home from the shops while I was out the front. You have to do it casual-like. Not a full "fruitbowl" moon, just pants down enough to get the cheeks out, act like "oops, didn't see you coming, what a silly accident".

    Kids think it's **** hilarious. Wife glares.
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    I haven't done it, seen it done, or even heard of it being done in so long. Next time someone pisses me off they are copping an eyeful. I'm bringing it back.
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  12. We got remote view cameras installed a few months back. My mother at home kept logging in. So I rang her, and said, can you please login and check, I think they're broken, so I dropped my dacks, so when the image appear on her screen, my ass was there.
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  13. Which cheek?
  14. That's a shit story. Where's your story?
  15. The last time someone mooned me was a couple of months ago. It was Nashy.

    I'm still traumatized.
  16. I haven't seen you for like... over a year?
  17. I've mooned from the passenger seat of a moving car on more than one occasion. It had to be done. That's just life I suppose, just gotta moon a **** and get on with your day.
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    That night you were trying to stream the fight. I thought it was a live stream so I stayed logged in and then suddenly your bare ass shows up on screen and a whole bunch of laughing from everyone on your end.
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