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    My ass used to make a regular appearance from the Thompson's bus as it left school too.
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    As 16 year olds getting drunk around a campfire at a creek, me and the mate that nearly did himself in recently, ventured off to the Charlton speedway and beyond to the highway west of Toowoomba. We made our way up the rather steep embankment to the roadside and agreed it was a great idea to moon the next B-double that came westward. Sure enough, jeans around the ankles, the B-double approaches and then hit the air horn about 10m away from us (100km zone) and deadset, tangled by our pants around our ankles, we both tumbled about three meters down the embankment into the catchment with our arses out and lucky not to have shit ourselves. Funny times.
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    Will be looking to book a return flight to Spain later in the year and tossing up between Qatar and Etihad in terms of budget and flight comfort/entertainment.

    If anyone has experience with either of these two over long distance flight I'm all ears!
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    Well I read today that Etihad is very close to going under. They've lost $8 billion in the last 3 years.
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    Can recommend Qatar! Never flown Etihad to compare though...
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  5. Well that's certainly good to know!
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    Both good but Qatar the safer option because Etihad are cutting routes due to money problems.
  7. I told @Porthoz@Porthoz to purchase insurance yesterday because of Etihad. Not worth the risk if you haven't already booked.

    Qatar don't fly out of Brisbane though, unless that's changed. I know they want to, but Qantas are being dicks.

    Singapore are another good option out of Brisbane. Take the late flight and you'll be on a brand new plane too.
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    Pretty sure @BroncosAlways@BroncosAlways is a Sydney boy.
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  9. Correct mate, only in residence and work for the time being.
    Hearts still back home up there if that counts for anything!

    @Nashy@Nashy cheers for the info, Singapore was another we were looking at but hadn't known anyone who'd flown with them to get any feedback.
    New plane does sound tempting, entertainment options are probably at the top of my list.
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  10. Yup, I just hope they last long enough to allow my flights to and from Europe in May/June, as I already bought tickets...
  11. Sproj


    I fly with Singapore regularly. Excellent reputation, excellent service, excellent food, good entertainment options. One of my favourite airlines.
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  12. Stop following me, Stalker.

    I've never flown Qatar or Etihad. Qantas does fine. I'm flying over on QF9 late May.
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  13. ****. That.
  14. Business class too. No mixing with the plebs.
  15. Not as bad then, and the 787 is fantastic to fly on. But deadset, **** 18 hours stuck inside a plane, 12 is about my limit.
  16. Yeah, just figured I'd try it out for the experience. Coming back via Singapore with a couple of days there.
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  17. How do I start a new thread?

    Round 2 2019

    Anyone else hoping Souths go to shit tonight?
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