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Sorry mate I had to use the phone to stream so I didn't get a chance to help you out!
I hope you were able to get on - cracker of a fight
No I got scared off with all the install this and that. Thanks anyway. Ill have to wait until the highlights


Toilet paper roll holder on the right or left when you're sitting on the shitter?

Right every time IMO. It seems to be the overwhelming favourite based on the toilets I've left a brown snake in.

Sometimes you'll get one on the left, and it just completely throws you off.
Could go on the left if you need to keep your sword hand free, you know , in case of intruders.
We have both!
what about them ones that aren't even a roll it's just some serviette dispenser. I mean who eats when they're on the dunny?
Actually I have a question of my own:
Last week I used tiger balm for the first time in years and on the label it said it could be used to treat flatulence......I can't figure this out, is there anyone who has used tiger balm to treat their flatulence?
Left for me. Have both here but left seems easier for your right hand to swing around and under the roll. On the right it's kind of unco.
Maybe the idea is to smear it under your nose so you can't smell them?
u wot m8?

Nah, nah, you have it on the right, with the roll looped over the top. Give it a quick spin like you're on wheel of fortune and the paper elegantly cascades down like a waterfall. Flick of the wrist to rip the paper from the roll once you have the desired quantity, and fold her up.

Actually, I bet you're a dirty scruncher, aren't you? You probably smear shit everywhere you toilet roll on the left side freak.
Yeah, and they're about 0.00000000000000000001mm thick, so you either need to get about a million of 'em out, or risk breakage in the paper.
Yeah that's never fun. Slipping a finger into a shitty arsehole on account of TP failure is terrible. It won't kill you, but it's gonna **** up your morning.

Every 5 minutes you have to smell your finger to make sure you washed your hands well enough. [MENTION=8833]Tom[/MENTION] this might be another unexpected scenario where Tiger Balm could be useful.
yeah it's weird. You can actually see through them like it's a pane of glass.
I find sometimes you get the phantom breakage.

You know, where you're not quite sure if you went with enough paper or not, and you feel the warmth of your shit as you wipe your arse, and you think '****, I've gone and gotten shit on my finger', when really you haven't. But it creates that doubt in your mind, so you do the old finger sniff, and even though there's no actual shit on there, your head is telling you your finger smells like shit, and you believe it. Anyway, always best to err on the side of caution in that situation, and give the old finger a good going over with the soap just to be sure.
I've tried that. Smeared it around the back passage, you really don't want to fart then.

That rant made me think of this

****, you are a brave man.
'And one little pebble shit come out'.

Hahahaha fucking hell, this is quality. :laugh:
I wish I had the problems you guys have..

Try putting up with every wipe feeling like you're wiping your ass with sandpaper.

It's actually quite painful for me.

Doesn't matter which toilet paper I use.
That is the way you are meant to treat it? **** that.
Your point? Problem is, when your shares hit a dollar, it's harder to snap them off clean. So it's South-North, South-North, South-North, then a North-South and one final South-North and a quick prayer.
Fold or scrunch?
Raw was great but Delirious was fucking amazing.
Fold all day every day.

Occasionally I might throw in a scrunch or two depending on the type of log/s I've dropped, but I'll always finish with a fold.
Agreed. Both were really good considering his age. Most stand ups don't get to that level until they're in their 40's.

It's a shame his career fell to shit.
I didn't actually do that, I'm not insane. It's just another ancient Chinese medicine claim like rhino horn curing impotence.
I was trawling through the depths of this thread, and found this highly intellectual discussion from just over three years ago.

Thought it deserved to see the light of day again haha.


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We have one roll left. 4th supermarket in 2 days today was out again. We're hoping Woolies are fulfilling online orders before putting it on shelves.


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We have one roll left. 4th supermarket in 2 days today was out again. We're hoping Woolies are fulfilling online orders before putting it on shelves.
We've got three unused rolls. Been to Coles twice and Aldi once over the last week.


At least I don't have to worry about running out at work.

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We have one roll left. 4th supermarket in 2 days today was out again. We're hoping Woolies are fulfilling online orders before putting it on shelves.
If you're ever in a bind, there's usually heaps of hand towels at Woolies in Rothwell. People tend to leave those alone.

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