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Discussion in 'General Talk' started by Coxy, Mar 24, 2008.

    Just so I know and can avoid them in the future, which common formats are you having trouble playing on a tablet?
  1. Nashy


    The problematic ones are MKV. But around 90% of everything on here is the same, and it all plays fine.
  2. Yeah that is odd, MKV should be a standard in this day and age. Tough luck.

    You getting prepped for your big honeymoon adventure?
  3. Nashy


    Sure am. Loading up the tablets with all this legal content. Grabbed a 256GB and a 128GB SD for mine and hers. It is incredible that so much data can fit on such a small card.

    And take for damned long to transfer to said card.
  4. Hehe, modern technology eh?

    You and yours enjoy your adventures mate. So who's in charge of BHQ while you're gone? Please tell me @Coxy is making a comeback?
  5. Nashy


    Cheers, it's getting exciting. We've booked a few of our trips in Paris and Rome tonight too, so that's pretty rad.

    Porthoz is in charge of the server stuff. Looking after the forums is well taken care of, we can lose a couple of cogs and still keep the wheels turning.
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    BHQ is doomed.
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  6. Ah, gotcha. Can't argue with that I guess...

    In keeping with bagging realism, I hate the fact we can't travel at the speed of light. Would love to visit one of those newly found Earth like planets, only a few light years away.
  7. Nah, it's not like it's a car and they put you behind the wheel...
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  8. Nashy


    Exactly. The fact we are no faster in space than we were 50 years ago is just sad.
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  9. Sproj


    Anyone see Hidden Figures? That was a good movie about maths.
  10. Harry Sack

    Harry Sack State of Origin Rep

  11. abashii

    abashii NRL Player

    What do you want though? Short of some scifi hyperspace bs it's going to take lifetimes to get anywhere no matter how much faster we get. Cos space is fucken yooj.

  12. Pretty much sums it up when your wanting some water out in public especially at the supermarket.
  13. Morkel


    That tiny bit of added salt actually helps hydrate you faster. Just saying.
  14. soup


    Bagging out my little pride and joy splitting his forehead open yesterday arvo at kindy. It was a mad helter skelter to the Doctor to stitch him up. 7 stitches, a dressing and his first ever lollipop and as good as new.

    Holding him down against his will for 20 minutes while they injected locals in the wound was not at all fun, the poor little bugger.

    Lucky chicks dig scars...
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  15. Harry Sack

    Harry Sack State of Origin Rep

    The stupidity of people and their mobile phones. I almost run over several people on my way to and from work simply because they have their heads buried in their phones and just walk out into the middle of the road. Or, on the rare occasion they do the right thing and use the crossing lights, they take 5mins to cross the road! WTF is so important on your phone that you can't look up from it for literally a couple of seconds to cross the road quickly and safely?!?

    I'd had enough of it the other day and a couple of smart arse school kids were doing the same thing (16-17). Just strolling across the road, as slow as they could. While shooting smug looks at me every couple of seconds.......I floored it and quickly hit the breaks. I'm not proud of it, but watching those little ****s sprint the last half of the crossing was ridiculously satisfying.
  16. Morkel


    Well I'm proud of you.
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  17. soup


    I used to rev the big V-twin in my old bike at people dawdling and completely mindless at crossings. I'd piss myself laughing (in my helmet) as they'd bounce to life and sprint for dear life. Too funny.

    My mate (also on a motorbike) was having a tough time in life and was easily set off. A uni student type was immersed in his phone and headphones and went to cross Moggil Rd at Taringa as the pedestrian light went red. Traffic lights went green and he accelerated right up behind him (pedestrian still unaware) and my mate (with a 7+ ft wingspan) punches him in the shoulder with full guarded knuckle gloves. When he told me, I didn't condone it but couldn't help but chuckle. It might be the punch that saves that bloke's life when crossing the road in future.
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  18. Horseheadsup

    Horseheadsup NRL Player

    People who decide to ring when your hands are full trying to scan your groceries.

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