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Discussion in 'General Talk' started by Coxy, Mar 24, 2008.

    Contact Telstra regarding a problem with my Foxtel Now subscription after they failed to call back within 3 days to sort out the matter.

    Me: Why haven't Telstra contacted me yet? It's been 3 days, they said they would contact me within 72 hours.
    Them: The manager managing this case has been waiting for you to call them.
    Me: Why not tell me that 3 bloody days ago? I was told THEY would contact ME.
    Them: I'm sorry for the inconvenience.


    Part of the deal on sign up was a 12 month subscription to Foxtel Now. If they cannot provide that to me anymore, would that be a breach of contract and give me grounds to cancel without the cancellation fee?
  1. Only if you can prove that it was certainly part of the plan. Meaning evidence.
  2. Always collect yourself with U Mart...
    The female body. Apparently if you sleep with them, they can get knocked up. Who knew?

    My first, btw. Found out today...
  3. Congratulations?
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  4. Not quite the thread for it...
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  5. soup


    Let’s be realistic, it most likely is :p
  6. Morkel


    KFC Hot & Spicy Nuggets. Their stock nuggets are the greatest food ever, despite what some lunatics claim. But after asking if the 24 for $10 deal includes original nuggets (the ad running just says hot & spicy nuggets), and ordering that, they still gave me the hot & spicy ones. Fuckers.



  7. BS. They're not even hot. They're not even crunchy. KFC fucked it.
  8. Morkel


    They are both and I felt like I was inside-out for about half an hour this morning after the industrial-strength purge.
  9. I bet you're that guy who complains the sweet chilli sauce is too hot too.
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  10. Wicked wings every day of the week..

    They aren't spicy, but they are **** tasty.
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  11. You don't eat many spicy things do you lol? They are tame as ****. Shithouse too. Did you eat them with the supercharged sauce? That stuff has a kick
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  12. KFC are really slack when it comes to their spicy food.

    I was expecting my mouth to burn when I tried the supercharged zinger. It didn't.
  13. Morkel


    Sweet Chilli sauce is fine.

    Wicked Wings are on the threshold.

    Grr, ****, literally typing this as I go number 2, round 2. Feels like someone’s fisting me with Deep Heat.

    I guess some people find that enjoyable?
  14. Wikid Wings...... Does your mouth wear a skirt too?
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  15. Morkel


    My mouth is masculine enough to not need spicy food, beer, or the tickle of a Sellick moustache to validate it.
  16. Yeah, that's what my wife would say too. She's a girl.
  17. Sproj


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  18. Morkel


    Your wife is proud of her masculine mouth?
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