The right to bag stuff out

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    So you're saying the poo idea is above board, and you're condoning it? Port, the law is on your side mate.
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  1. Browny

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    Lol surely Nashy could provide the required service for some ‘oregano’
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  2. Dunno what you're talking about, officer.
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    Man, I can't wait for this ACA report!

    "Creepy Foreigner Mail Thief defrauds true blue aussie battlers"

    "I didn't steel that delivery of smokes and pancakes, get off mai land"


    "I'll sue you for all your goooooollllld"
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  3. I hate secret santa.

    Every year my family does it, and I hate shopping for it. We have a budget of $20 but I suffer from indecision a lot and I always stress myself out trying to decide on what to get.

    Although, last year I ended up getting toilet time basketball which was pretty **** cool. You get a hoop you can put on the back of the toilet door and 3 balls plus a little ball dispenser to put to the side of the toilet.

    I've spent A LOT of time in the toilet because of it...
  4. So, the whole episode just aired: (starts after 7.40 mins).

    ACA never contacted us for our side of things, and were cunning enough to let the **** spew all the lies herself, although the whole thing was more slanted towards bagging Australia Post, and no names or our address was ever mentioned.

    Interestingly, they filmed their visit to our house (20th November) while hidden inside a car with privacy glass, which was strategically parked in front of our property, as shown by our own videos: (woman rings doorbell) (woman enters property and leaves gate open for camera to film inside yard) (woman leaves property, you can hear the disappointment they didn't get a spat on camera)

    When the woman handed a parcel over the fence, the reason my missus didn't open the gate was because we had our 8 weeks old Shepherd puppy girl running around in the front yard. We have video of this as well, but this one should be enough to prove the woman's claim in ACA is a chunk of bullshit:

    For those playing at home, my missus had ankle surgery about 3 weeks before this all started and was indeed in a wheel chair at the time (we have more than enough evidence of this), but was being an idiot at times walking around on her leg brace when she really shouldn't. The shush was a joke obviously, because she she knew she was naughty to be on her feet when she put our puppy in the front yard that day.

    Every other time they came to the door (4x in total), the gate was opened and a normal conversation ensued, until my missus got enough of the bullcrap in their last visit (before they returned with ACA). They even try to put AUS POST on the phone, somehow thinking that it would magically make the parcel appear...?

    There are many more videos, but I'm not putting my family on display publicly, and I don't have the time or patience to edit them to hide faces.
    Unfortunately, only short videos are kept in the cloud and my front gate camera's sound seems to be dodgy as ****, so we don't have sound at times. Anyone can read lips?

    Only thing left to do now, is figure out out to **** with the lot of them, including ACA and AUS Post.
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  5. Morkel


    Any idea what was in the packages they were after?

    The best way to **** with them would be to post them a shitload of stuff through Aus Post, but toy versions of stuff. Barbie stereos. Paw Patrol tablet. Dora The Explorer Telephone.
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  6. All broken "in transit"
  7. I created a 9now account for this?

    Where is shirtless Porthoz throwing rubbish or running from the camera? ACA fail. 1/10.
  8. They were saying medicines and vitamins worth $450 or 650. So send them gummy vitamins and homoeopathic sugar pills.
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  10. ningnangnong

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    Sometimes the world just comes crashing down around you really quickly.
  11. ningnangnong

    ningnangnong HACK THE PLANET!!!

    Feels like this is never going to work out.
  12. Rico

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    You ok ningers? Or just replying to the above?
  13. soup

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    It will! Stay with me brother. I promise there are beauties of this world you’ve not yet dreamt of, but will definitely experience.

    Contact me on FB messenger if you need help mate. Love to you.
  14. ningnangnong

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    I'm okay mate, replying to the above, and just trying to get a hold on my emotions.

    Do you have an inkling what this may be about soupy? I don't want to bother you mate.
  15. soup

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    I may do, but I don’t want to presume, just support. You are absolutely no bother. Please, let me help if you need.
  16. About to go in for a root canal.

    I **** hate the dentist and I **** hate root canal’s.
  17. Morkel


    My wife's had a few. They're like a 3-step process right?
    2-step process. Sometimes they do it all in the one go depending on whether it's a straightforward root canal or not. They decided to do it in the one go today which almost cost me a parking fine. They told me they were going to do it in 2 appointments so I wasn't expecting to be there for nearly 2 hours.
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