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    My understanding has always been "no tolerance" when it comes to drink driving....discretion doesn't come into it.
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    If that's the case then, well yeah, Officer fucked up. And that's why there is protocol in place. May seem like a small thing to let a bloke with a sob story off lightly for a low range fuckup, but the repercussions can be dire.
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    Food is manageable, but when you get everyone and their dog spruiking shit like that Fyre festival how do you know when something is legit and the next est thing or an elaborate Namibian style rip off?
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    So.....the murder suicide thing.

    I’m currently on an Army Reserve course with a QPS member who is loosely involved in the case.

    His words were, the QPS members dropped the ball big time. I’m not going to go into anymore details but they fucked it up.
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  4. That's such a shame. No one wins here. :-(
  5. Murder suicide or not. If that officer let a driver continue on with a DUI reading. S/He needs to go.
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  6. If you blow .05+ (Or anything on the other lower licences) - Back of the car, we're going for a ride.

    I know we have a couple of good coppers on here, but deadset, this sucking up to cops is insane in Australia.
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    Can someone fill me on the details? I don’t read the news and more to the point, local news like this doesn’t even get reported here.
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    That is **** disgusting.
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    Caught doing 40km/h over the speed limit AND 0.03 over the legal alcohol limit - I'm sure the cop who let him off already feels bad enough, but geez, you have to wonder where there's room for discretion there?

    As has been mentioned, I thought there was absolutely no sway with drink driving? If you're over, that's it, no more driving. Come down to the station for a second test.
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  12. **** hell, I got hammered with 4 points and a year on a restricted licence for doing 16 over back in the day.

    What kind of bullshit is that? 40Kmh over is a hooning offence, 6 month instant loss of licence and a 1k+ fine. There isn't a cop around who would just ignore that but to then be **** drunk at the same time and be allowed to continue on his way? That's absolutely disgusting.

    That's gross negligence.
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  13. This cop should never be allowed on patrol ever again.

    In fact, fire him. That's some very very poor judgement.
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    Yep. 40 over is a “dangerous driving” charge. At least it was when I got busted doing 39 over.

    No way a sob story is enough for that + DD to be let off with a ticket and “on your way, drive safe”.
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    That cop is a **** dickhead! What the father did is reprehensible, but the actions of the police officer cost an infant child their life.
  16. I question how observant this officer was as well tbh. I've never been pulled up for a ticket, RBT etc without the officer having a look through the window to the backseat. How would you not notice a kid in the back? And if you did, even if you believed his sob story, how would you let him continue to transport a child? I'm just.....baffled.
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    He said he checked the back seat but didn’t see him. Kid could have been in a basinnet in the front passenger footwell and be hard to spot in the dark.
    Was he already in the car at the time?

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