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    Watch her try and sue the Zoo for her being able to get into a position to be attacked.
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    she'll probably win that case as well
  2. In Murica? Naaaah...
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    It's the only way to pay your medical fees.
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  3. If only she had a gun to protect herself.
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    Anytime Fitness

    I signed up to their foundation membership cost of $15.95 per week for their new Gym in Redbank Plains. Several months later they opened a new one just down the road in Goodna, which i started going to because it was less crowded and on a direct route home from work.

    they just sent me an email stating that since i had been using the Goodna gym more frequently, they will be transferring my membership to Goodna and increasing my fee to $21.95 (although that will reduce that to $17.95, because i have previously been training at one of their sister facilities)

    then to top it of they say "i hope you appreciate us contacting anytime fitness to make this happen" (charging me $17.95 instead of $21.95) ... why the **** would i appreciate them raising my agreed upon fees.

    I plan to send them a strongly worded email back, kindly telling them to get fucked and that unless they keep my fees at the rate i agreed to, i will cancel my membership and train elsewhere
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    So you signed up specifically at Redbank Plains? Is it specifically that one in your contract or is your contract ok for any Anytime Fitness gym?
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    I don't know what Anytime's policy is, but for Jetts you can use any facility without issue.
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    At Anytime you can use any of their facilities world wide after the first month.

    for that first month you can only use the club you signed up at.

    they build a massive anytime in Redbank Plains late last year (one of the biggest in the country apparently), but then a few months later the opened one half the size in Goodna which is literally 4 minutes down the road.

    I signed up when they offered the foundation memberships (Redbank Plains) at a much cheaper price which was on-going even after your contract expired.

    my guess is that the smaller gym isn't going as well as they hoped (god knows why they built it so close to their mega gym) and they are transfering memberships from their big thriving gym to prop up their other club. the way they appear to have done this is by selecting the membership more frequently used at Goodna.

    and none of that really bothers me, it is the raising of my membership, and them say i should appreciate them doing this that has pissed me off.

    if all that makes sense
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  9. Ahhh, good old chain gyms. I got suckered into Fitness First at Lutwyche many years ago. Promises of $5 off your membership for every recommendation that signs a contract. 5 of my friends signed contracts and they took $10 off my monthly fees lol. One of my friends quit so they changed it to $5 off...despite the fact that my other 4 friends remained. Promises that as long as I was a member my monthly cost would never increase, 12months later it increased at the same time they removed my $5 disccount. The final straw was when they tried to charge me a monthly locker fee of $10 despite the fact that I didn't use the lockers at all.
  10. My concern is why on earth you would want to step foot in Goodna?

    My god.
  11. America.

    Donald Trump having to get involved and force his FAA to ground the 737 Max is disgusting, and wreaks of an FAA trying to protect Boeing.
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    Heard on the radio that one of the guys he's just personally appointed to one of his top roles was head of Boeing for 30 years. So no surprise where his decision to give them the all clear came from. Just not even worried about how transparently corrupt he is.
  13. I don't even know what you're trying to say here. Trump did good here, he grounded an unsafe airliner when the FAA wouldn't.

    The person you are talking about has nothing to do with the FAA, he's the acting Secretary of Defense, and none of these aircraft have a military spec, so wouldn't concern him in anyway.
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    I misread your post. At this time yesterday they were reporting that Trump was refusing to ground them. He must have backflipped.
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    lol msm ALWAYS reports negatively on Trump. Fake news.

  16. I'm wondering, is it legal for a company to offer unpaid training? Surely they would still have to pay even for training.

    My brother's mrs has come back from Taiwan and she's been going for job interviews and went to one at Springfield yesterday. What they offered was a complete and utter joke.

    4 weeks training, no pay. 3 months part time in sales for minimum wage and after that they will decide if they want to keep you on. There is no guarantee of a job even if you hit certain targets they give you.

    Keep in mind, that part time work is only a few hours each day and you have to go to Springfield for it. She lives in Rothwell.
    It will depend on the industry award for whatever role it is for.

    And what you describe under that is called probation. It's life. 3 months is the norm where at any time either party can say "**** this shit I'm out" without having to give notice. They can extend the probation too if they have a reason to.

    Given it's in sales, it sounds like there are bits missing. Sales is a dodgy industry to start with, bu the base wage is usually propped up by their commissions when they sell.
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