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Discussion in 'General Talk' started by Coxy, Mar 24, 2008.

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    What Nashy said.

    Probation is very common, but I suppose there's benefits to it for both parties in that you can just bail if it's a shit job. It does heavily favour the employer though.

    Regarding training - if it is directly related and a mandatory requirement of the job then they must be paid for their time. Fair Work would have a field day.
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  2. 4 arrested. 1 female. Multiple IEDs attached to vehicles.
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  3. Hasn't stormed all Summer, just when the footy starts up it hits us with this, ya **** joking. Knocked my satellite feed out completely, better come back up soon -.-
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  4. Morkel


    A sad night of death. Found out the Peaks Crossing accident was like a mother speeding away from an RBT and killed her own 3 & 5 year old.

    Closer to home, just found out my brother-in-law got sent home because a workmate got himself tangled in a conveyer belt and died. Don’t know the company but he’s a boiler-maker. He didn’t see it happen but saw when they were all trying to get him out.
  5. I know it's petty but there must be some black hole between the US and Australia at the moment. Two packages on the way and no updates in the tracking since the 12th.
  6. I hope I don't somehow get blamed for it...
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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. Was shitting myself. My family are out that way, and it was close to their house. Wife in 30s, daughter in primary.
  9. So sick of the heat. Winter can't come quickly enough!
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  10. I say that every year, then by half way through winter I'm over it and can't wait for Summer.

    Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.
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  11. Almost hit someone's dog because the fuckwit walking it was too busy **** texting instead of paying attention to what the dog was doing.

    Guy was walking his dog on the side of the road instead of the perfectly good footpath about 10 metres away, and instead of making sure the dog stays clear of the road, he's instead too busy **** around on his phone. I slowed down thinking this dog was going to run onto the road as it was all over the place and to give myself time to brake. Sure enough, it did. Must have saw something because it just bolted across the road.

    It could have very easily ended differently, considering it was an 80 zone. The next person might not slow down, and at that speed, that dog isn't surviving.
  12. Nevermind, this was just trumped by Mike Trout -

    12 year deal, $430m with the Los Angeles Angels.

    God damn there's a lot of money in Baseball, that's nearly half a billion dollars for one player!!!!!!
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  13. Sproj


    Yeah but it’s only $30-40 million a year. What could you possibly get for that? Am I right?
  14. Tom

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    How can the world's most boring sport be worth THAT much money? It's skillset is literally 3 things- throwing, catching(with a damn glove 3x the size of your hand), and swinging a bat.
  15. Morkel


    Hot dog sales. Very lucrative.
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    Remember a few years ago they brought a few MLB games to Australia. **** that pissed me off when one of them went about 45 minutes over the scheduled tv timeslot and they kept showing the **** baseball instead of the Sunday arvo league game. Baseball really took off here too as a result of those games.
  17. How did you do it? Both delivered today despite being shipped in different weeks and from different states. No tracking updates from the 12th until delivered today. No out for delivery, no customs. How did you destroy USPS tracking system? Did you give them a dutch language manual?
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  18. USPS are **** useless.
  19. Foordy


    Kmart ...

    it is a **** stupid idea to put the checkouts in the middle of the bloody store ... now you get hassled when you leave (after buying something) because you have to walk through half the store to get to the exit ... **** stupid idea
  20. ivanhungryjak

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    What about the farcical check on the way out? They glance at your receipt, and ok you to keep going. I could have half the store in there and they wouldn’t even care.
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