To circumcise or not to circumcise….that is the question.

Mr Fourex

State of Origin Rep
I’ve done a small amount of research on the topic but thought, why not ask the vast intellect quarry of BHQ, what they reckon.

My mrs is hell bent on getting my sons, aged 16 & 12, circumcised. A mixture of misunderstood cultural beliefs and irrational personal preferences, compels her to feel this way. Logic and reason are dissuaded quickly. She’s been to a clinic and has brochure’s full of information. She lined up a consultation with our boys.

So, we (the lads) sat down together the other night…..and had a chat. I provided them with the info….we looked at a couple websites (medical). I them asked what they thought. It seems they hadn’t given it much thought at all……it wasn’t really a problem to them and pretty much neither really gave a **** about whether they were circumcised or not. I explained to them that when I was born…it was just something they did regularly at the hospital within the first few days of your life. At that time, new born infants “pain receptors” hadn’t developed (fully?) and it was considered the best time to do it. According to my Mother, she was more or less informed by her Dr that the "snip" was scheduled and she said..."OK"

On the procedure itself, I was forthcoming in saying to them that recovery was painful for teenage circumcision and the pain lasted for around 4-5 days….. maybe a week. The procedure is conducted under a local anesthetic and you might feel a “twinge”, but nothing to extreme. The ball & chain has organised the whole show to happen during the school holidays.

My question to my sons was, “I’m circumcised, your Mother would prefer it if you were circumcised…….what do you guys think?”
The eldest…..”ahhh, no. I don’t want to”. I asked why? “Ahhh…..just because I don’t”. We agreed to think about it a bit more. I said I want a better understanding of his reasoning. The decision he gave me has been rejected, thus far.

That said, I have made it plain that I will not force them to do something they don’t want to do. I will handle their mother, if the decision is no. TBH…it’ll save me a couple thousand bucks… yeah, I’m not going to put up too much of a fight to force them into it.

The youngest……. had no real input at all. He nodded and said he’d think about it. The three of us have decided to reconvene the discussion this weekend. I may have erred in talking to them together……the youngest follows (to a degree) his big bro. I plan to have separate talks when reaching the final decision.

Me? I don’t really care either way. Would I prefer them to be “trimmed”….yes. Over the years, I’ve listened to the opinion of women I’ve “had”. The majority, much like my wife, seem to enjoy the circumcised version better
…..but I’m not prepared to drag my sons into the Dr’s room, kicking and screaming. So if it’s a no, then so be it.

The pendulum of popular opinion, seems to have swayed the other way these days……..or more to the point, no-one cares anymore?



State of Origin Captain
He’ll no! It’s of course totally their decision. Not your wife’s. That is grounds to leave your wife over and for your children to potentially reject both of you permanently, but especially your wife.

I’ve had it done as a baby and I’m fine with it. My son didn’t, but that was a struggle of a decision for me only because that nagging thought of “maybe he should look like me”, which is totally selfish. I still wonder for health reasons but your boys are well beyond the health reasons age.

It’s a very painful operation, more so for adolescents but still for babies. I now see it as akin to clitoral mutilation in Africa. Tell your wife who’s boss if your sons decide against, or rightfully risk losing them forever.


State of Origin Captain
Why though? And at that age?
Because wifey is a devout Christian. I’m guessing but know I’m totally right.

Christianity see it (unspokenly) as a way to control men’s sexual urges, much like clitoral mutilation in African girls. Remove the foreskin, less sensitivity and the harder it is to self pleasure, hence being closer to god in some weird controlling way. The whole thing is fucked and I would love to have had the choice.


State of Origin Captain
Also, there’s very few surgeons willing to do it in QLD these days for ethical reasons. That should tell you enough.

I feel very strongly about women (via religion) dictating mutilation of our reproductive organs. Get completely fucked is my response.


NRL Captain
My little brother had to get his done when he was 3 or 4 for medical reasons, and I can still remember the weeks of pain the poor bastard was in. At 16... **** that.

Harry Sack

State of Origin Captain
Further to what I've said, your 16yr old is definitely old enough to make up his own mind and his wishes should 100% be respected. As soup said, your boys are past any medical need for it to be done so it's completely unnecessary. I'm from, I believe, a different generation to you Fourex and all of the women I've had couldn't give 2 long as you know how to use it. But that's a different chat. Keep in mind also that these days they'd be the exception.


International Rep
I had a mate in High School get circumcised at age 16, it was rough, he wasn't supposed to play any sport for a few weeks, he decided to play some basketball with us one day and copped a stray knee, busted stitches, blood everywhere. I can only assume he now has a mutilated penis.

Alas, I would say no, don't do it at that age.


State of Origin Captain
My little brother had to get his done when he was 3 or 4 for medical reasons, and I can still remember the weeks of pain the poor bastard was in. At 16... **** that.
Yeah, medical reasons are a totally valid reason to do it. 6 months ago, my young fella had consecutive infections due to the foreskin being too big or something. The doctor said that if it persists, we’d have to go with a circumcision, which would be fine, but awful for him. Anyway, after a few weeks of an eye dropper like antibiotic dropped into the forskin, thankfully it cleared up.

Handy note, don’t keep penis drops next to eye drops in the fridge. When you’re stoned and reaching for the eydrops, both bottles are shaped the same but the penis drops definitely do not clear redness from the eyes. I probably don’t don’t need to elaborate on how I know this for sure...


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Only time its ok to get mutilated is if you have like an incurable phimosis or something else extreme.


International Captain
I'm just going to say. As resident Christian. No. No no no no. Unless they want to themselves, even a "I'm not sure" or "I don't care" is a big fucking no.

Mr Fourex Mr Fourex, tell her to speak to me. I reckon I could drag on the argument with her for at least long enough for them to graduate from University.


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I think you should tell your wife 12 years is hardly mature but surely it's old enough to have some say on something that's essentially cosmetic surgery.

Rally Towel

NRL Captain
You're probably going to get some heavily biased responses here from a largely male research group...

But I concur. It has no real bearing on the way their life will play out and is a fairly invasive procedure at this stage in their lives.

My opinion is that you've put it to them, and if their answer is no, then that's case closed.

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