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Discussion in 'General Talk' started by Harry Sack, Oct 28, 2015.

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  3. As far as I can tell it's a satirical website.
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    It's fake.

    Those same quotes were used in a hoax announcement a couple months ago.

    Vince Gilligan has come out and said there won't be a 6th season.
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  4. Kind of relieved tbh.
  5. Just started watching the first episode of Ash vs Evil Dead, awesome so far!
  6. Second episode, definitely a series I'll be following.
  7. gordjw

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    Jessica Jones. Aw yeah.
  8. Clintos

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    How good is it!?!? I quite like the dark Marvel underworld. Very much looking forward to the Defenders series down the track.

    Nice link to Captain America: Civil War in there too!
  9. gordjw

    gordjw NRL Player

    Heck yes! It's so well made, down to every major character having their own colour filter.
    Love the PI style music too.

    I'm not familiar with the comics, do these guys and the Avengers have much to do with each other?
  10. Sproj


    Jessica Jones not so much but Luke Cage is a member of the new Avengers in the comics, so definitely a strong link into the Marvel universe.
  11. Watched a few Fox shows the other night...

    Family Guy
    I haven't checked in with Family Guy for years. Decided to give the latest episode a go and it's entered that stage where the gang will head to a foreign company and make really surface level jokes. Back to the vault it goes.

    Judging from the animation, it reminded me a lot of Bouchard's (Bob's Burgers, Home Movies) work so I thought I'd give it a go. Mistake, mistake! Turns out it's from people involved in Family Guy and it shows. A couple of funny meta jokes couldn't contend with all of it's mistakes. Maybe it's just a rough start? American Dad sucked in the beginning before it became tolerable. For the time being, it's back into the vault.

    Cooper Barrett
    It's Ferris Bueller but for my generation. The pilot was an absolute mess but I'm willing to give it a chance to find itself.

    War & Peace
    Dano is one of the best emerging actors and I've heard some decent things about the show. The pilot was really solid - good pacing and some interesting characters. I'll keep it on rotation.
  12. Shame the season of South Park is over, they would be able to do a take on the current siege situation in the US, it would be killer.

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  13. Has anyone watched "Making a Murderer" on Netflix? Pretty surreal 10 episode documentary about a guy who gets framed by his local police department, twice.

    Was a really interesting watch.
  14. broncos4life

    broncos4life International Rep

    Yeah watched it about a week ago and have been meaning to discuss it on here.

    Fantastic documentary and the only thing certain is that the Wisconsin police departments and justice system is dodgy as ****. Could not stop shouting at the screen.

    The biggest issues were the fact that evidence was quite clearly planted yet every time the defence tried to admit something the judge denied them. Although possibly the biggest concern is that Ken Kratz clearly doesn't even understand law, yet was free to continue to sweat and wheeze all over the justice system. "Reasonable doubt is for the innocent" ummmm nope, that's not the law."

    The way they coerced and tricked a boy that is clearly developmentally delayed was just disgusting, I don't think I have watched something that has made me feel so repulsed. Especially considering these pieces of human filth still have their jobs and even got **** rewards for their acts. ****!. And Len Kuschinsky (whatever his **** name is) they way he tricked his own client, I don't believe in heaven and hell but I really wish there was a hell for people like them

    But the only enjoyable part of the whole shitstorm...

    Seeing that fat piece of shit lose his position and reputation of the sexting was so **** glorious. How low can you be to text people when they are at their most vulnerable just to try and get your dick wet. Ken 'The Prize' Kratz in his $350,000 house

    I could dedicate whole thread to discussing this lol
  15. Yeah agree with all of this.

    I know what you mean about feeling pissed off about what they did to Brendan, I was nearly in tears when he was having that phone conversation with his Mum and she's like "Why did you say those things if they weren't true?" and he's like "Because I'm stupid Mum".

  16. broncos4life

    broncos4life International Rep

    Yep I lost it there. I was nearly in tears the whole time I watched they way they treated him, but when he said that I was gone. I just wanted to hug the guy and tell him it will be ok, even though it quite clearly will never be ok.
  17. ningnangnong

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    Watching Black Books again for the first time in a few years.

    Forgot how much I loved this show. It's just brilliant!
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  18. Allo

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    Thought it was about time I watched Community, so have gotten to the end of S5 in the last week. It's a great show, with some very likeable leads and some very funny plots. However I feel it ventures into 'Abed World' far too often, but his (and sometimes by extension, Troy's) weirdness is where the show gets a lot of plot points. (But seriously the only time I laughed out loud at him was his 'vampire approach' in the cafeteria in S1 and his morning show with Troy)

    I guess it's just how the show evolved. I would've liked a bit more 'Community College' structure around it, kinda like how Scrubs always knew it was in a functioning hospital and there was generally always something hospital-related in most episodes, Community feels a bit more like it's at a recreational centre that people hung out at/lived there every day and they just became the Dean's A-Team for whatever thing was happening that week (and yes I know it became quite self-referential of this). But the classroom aspect took a fairly big backseat, which was a shame because it can and was a big source of laughs in the early seasons.

    Could've had a lot to do with the backroom movements though and the constant looming cancellation threats. Also, like many sitcoms I suppose, it did a lot of retreading of old ground with the themes of a lot of episodes (everyone's messed up, Pierce is a racist, Abed is weird, we need to be better friends to each other etc etc)

    Britta is a source of annoyance, in that early on she's written as the kind-of 'straight woman' version of Jeff to offset everyone else's oddness while still having her occasional anti-establishment and 'feminist' comments, but soon she became an almost extreme parody of those things while simultaneously turning into an actual idiot. I like Gillian Jacobs and she did a great job with what she was given, just a shame it wasn't a well-devised character 'evolution'.

    The Dean and his obsession with Jeff was never not funny. Jim Rash played the hell out of that character in the later seasons. Shirley's accent(?) or her pronounciation got a bit grating at times. Just pick a way to talk and stick with it.

    I've rambled a bit and it sounds like I'm being nitpick-y and disliking it the more I write, but it's still quite a solid sitcom that you just need the right kind of humour or attitude toward to enjoy all the way through.
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  19. Clintos

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    Best show ever!!
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