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Sneaky Pete.

I don't understand why this show was cancelled after 3 seasons. It was great. When you look at all of the complete rubbish shows that have been running for years and years, it's mind boggling that a show like Sneaky Pete could be cancelled so soon.

It wasn't the best show but I thought it was quite good. They had a good cast and an interesting story.

I guess you could say the Season 3 finale wrapped up the show a bit. But not good enough.
Agreed, I enjoyed it and it was similar in a lot of ways to a much older show all about 'the sting'. That show was the original Mission Impossible but in that particular show each sting was wrapped up in an episode as far as I remember.

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The Fugitive.

It's pretty much a movie that's been split into 8 minute parts to make it a series. What kind of idiot thought this was a good idea?

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Also, one really big flaw in the just the first 16 minutes.

The Government have pinned him as a suspect based on clothes, but the clothes don't match in the security footage they show. The person who enters the train is wearing different jeans and shoes then the person who exits the train. Plus, what kind of person who intends to detonate the bomb doesn't get to a safe distance? Plus, what kind of person who detonates a bomb then goes back to help people?

Only 16 minutes in...


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If anyone has apple+ or tv or whatever it is, or still torrents stuff, check out Ted Lasso.

It’s Jason Sudeikis playing the character he did for the MSNBC commercials for the Premier League a few years ago.

Very good show. It’s got Bill Lawrence behind it and, despite how much I love Scrubs, none of his usual actors as it’s set in the UK with Ted being offered another coaching job there.

The first episode does lean on some of the material from the commercials but quickly establishes that Ted is not an idiot and has a lot more depth to him other than ‘clueless American tries to coach soccer’.

Really good cast in general too and the first season covers a lot of ground fairly quickly
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