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Discussion in 'General Talk' started by Harry Sack, Oct 28, 2015.

  1. Browny

    Browny State of Origin Captain

    Good old Netflix, I’ve got so many series to finish off and yet I keep starting more.

    Ozark hasn’t quite sold me yet but only a few episodes in. Trying to finish Altered Carbon but it’s hard work
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  2. Sproj


    Yep Holt is brilliant on the 99, but they just have a strong all round cast, they are all hilarious, except Gina, can’t stand her mostly but that’s purely because I know someone like her who I work with.
  3. FaithinHook

    FaithinHook NRL Player

    Oh didn't realise there was a second season, still making my way through season 1. But you're right mate, it's the best thing I've watched all year!
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  4. Allo

    Allo NRL Player

    She won’t be doing many eps in S6 thankfully. She’ll be maybe recurring or guest starring. I wonder if she’ll BJ Novak it and still appear in the credits even if she’s not in the show
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  5. broncos4life

    broncos4life International Rep

    Yep it did. You can see that Maggie is going to end up taking over and I hope she does, Rick has turned into a pussy.
  6. Making a Murderer Season 2 tomorrow on Netflix.

    Season 1 Spoilers -
    Even though I know Steven Avery is guilty, I'll still give it a watch, interested to see how they handled the appeals process, etc. I'm still not convinced that Brendan Dassey is guilty, that's the only part that bugs me out of the whole case.
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  7. Alec

    Alec International Rep

    I don't mind her, I prefer her to Amy and Boyle, who have completely devolved into caricatures from season 3 onwards.
  8. Allo

    Allo NRL Player

    I’ve been rewatching S5 and Gina’s just basically a **** to everyone save a few moments here and there. I liked S1-3 Gina that was obnoxious still, but a bit more lighthearted about it and funnier.

    I agree on Boyle, he’s kinda just been the absolute fan girl for Peraltiago, but I still found it funny most of the time.

    Don’t be hating my girl Amy though :love:. Her tropes are the same they’ve always been, but I think she’s relaxed a bit more and being with Jake has lowered her straight-edgeness, so it shows more often.

    But every show where everyone is a ‘thing’ always has those issues of keeping the characters believable
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  9. Alec

    Alec International Rep

    It just feels like it got much more extreme for Boyle and Santiago in particular. And they dont have anything else besides their weird binder nerd and weird obsessive girly man quirks anymore.
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  10. ivanhungryjak

    ivanhungryjak NRL Captain

    Mr Mercedes is running on Foxtel at the moment. Not a bad adaptation of the Stephen King book.
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  11. Season 2 is live.
  12. Finished Season 2 of Making a Murderer

    I have no idea what to think anymore, there's so many things that were raised in Season 2 that were shady, the state withheld so much evidence, and in hindsight Strang & Buting were out of their depth, they didn't spend the necessary funds to get the best experts they could've, if they did I doubt Avery would've have been convicted, whether he did it or didn't. It's still highly possible that Avery did it, I just don't know if it adds up, there's too much pointing away from him for my liking. Brendan is the real victim here, no way in hell was that kid involved in the slightest, and probably won't get out until he's nearly 60 years old.. Bobby & Scott are shady as well, the way they both had alibis for each other by coincidentally "seeing each other driving on opposite sides of the highway" was far too convenient for my liking.
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  13. Making A Murderer.

    Even if people believe Steven and Brendan are guilty, there is no way they should have been convicted. The prosecutors case is full of holes, lies and deceit. Steven's lawyer and her team tore it apart and then some. Both of their convictions should have been overturned when she filed the petition, but unfortunately the harsh reality is once you're convicted, it's very very difficult to have it overturned.

    They are both innocent. Steven didn't do it and as for Brendan, anyone with half a brain could see his confession was false and he was coerced. Some of the judge's rulings were unbelievable.

    Personally, I think Bobby did it.
  14. mitch222

    mitch222 State of Origin Rep

    Daredevil season 3 launched last Friday. Up to ep 4 and I must say that its by far the best marvel show out of them all.
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  15. House of Cards

    Killing off Frank is just going to ruin the season, IMO. I was looking forward to the war between Frank and Claire.
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  16. House of Cards.

    That's it? What a **** disappointing season that was. I would understand if there was another season, but there isn't.
  17. The Walking Dead

    Maggie doesn't kill Negan. I knew nothing much would come of that. I knew she wasn't going to kill him and suddenly she would be okay with everything.

    As for Rick, I thought it would have been better if they just killed him off when he blows up the bridge to stop the herd. Instead, he lives but won't be a part of the show anymore.
  18. Mayans MC

    Great first season, I was sceptical of a spin-off at first but this will work very well. Bit of a twist ending, Happy being the one that killed EZ's mother.

    They looked at each other, I wonder if Happy recognized him. I guess we'll find out next season and see what happens. I don't imagine EZ will drop it.
  19. Anyone been watching Superwog? Reminds me of Fat Pizza, Housos etc it's not bad I wouldn't put it on par with those shows though.
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  20. holdzy89

    holdzy89 NRL Captain

    @Sproj@Sproj was it you mate always plugging Angie tribeca? If so, cheers! That show **** rules.

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