Video Thread - NRL Moments

Super Freak

International Captain

That swinging arm by Morley, probably one of the most vicious swinging arms I've ever seen. It was ugly and he was rightly sent off and GB were down to 12 men for the entire game. They did remarkably well considering that, though.

Speaking of Test matches, the guy I found that has a lot of old Broncos games also has what looks like every International match that's ever been televised. I'm going to see if he has every game Locky played and if he does I'll be putting together a Lockyer Australian highlights reel.

He sells them for cheap too.

Also have Round 11, 2007 and the 2009 QF between Broncos and Titans coming my way. Hopefully I get those soon because the QF game is the only game I'm missing to make a Jharal Yow Yeh career highlights video.

Super Freak

International Captain
Gotta love those pommy commentators.

I was watching a replay of the 2009 Four Nations final today earlier and the sheer excitement whenever the English players did something well or scored. They were pumped for that first 70 minutes until Australia ran away with it in the final 10.

It was deflation in that final 10 minutes.


Haven't watched any of those clips, but my vague recollection of 2001 is that the Eels were unstoppable... and then the Knights did them in the Grand Final! What a sweet victory that was. Remember going to a BBQ to watch it, Newy was going off for the next week or two after.

Also remember attending the prelim and seeing us lose to the Eels. My second ever Broncos game.

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