Vote for J Isaako - 2021 Ken Stephen Medal


BRL Player
Jun 19, 2021
Jamayne may be a little frustrating as a player, but he's clearly a good man.
Vote for him at - it's easy to find the link for the Ken Stephen Medal, and vote. Good luck Jamayne and thanks for all you do on behalf of the Broncos on AND off the field.

The Ken Stephen Medal recognises the efforts of an NRL player who has not only achieved on the field, but has committed time off the field to community projects.

A player is nominated by their NRL club for going above and beyond in their involvement in charity work, youth development or community support. The nominated player will have consistently demonstrated their commitment to making a difference in their community and be seen as a role model in this area at their NRL club. Jamayne is the Broncos nominee, for the following reasons:

Jamayne Isaako, Brisbane Broncos​

2018 Dally M Rookie of the Year Jamayne Isaako has shown his passion for Rugby League is matched by his passion for giving back to the community. Always one of the first players to volunteer and partake in any club community events, Jamayne has made a significant contribution to the Brisbane community, especially for women.

Jamayne has been a fearless and articulate campaigner for women’s needs through his involvement in Share the Dignity, an organisation that provides sanitary items to women without access to supplies.

Through Share the Dignity, Jamayne was also able to ensure girls in the Beyond the Broncos Girls Academy were provided with essentials as part of his work in this program with female students across Queensland. His work in this area helped reduce the stigma around the topic.

As an Act for Kids ambassador, Jamayne supported and promoted the charity to prevent and treat child abuse and neglect. His desire to support children was also demonstrated through a Childhood Cancer Support appearance and a working bee at the Childhood Cancer Support Facility in Herston.

In his own time, Jamayne has devoted countless hours to travelling throughout Queensland to deliver the Broncos Girls Academy Program and visited schools that do not have the chance to meet NRL stars.

Jamayne also travelled to visit Strong Hearts, an organisation that provides youth with a disability, the opportunity to participate in sport. Jamayne got involved in the sports, making it a memorable day for the children and staff.

Whether it was a school visit, involvement in a disability organisation, visiting a hospital or a women's health support program, Jamayne brought energy, passion and a keen desire to make a positive difference.


NYC Player
Sep 3, 2020
Frustrating to say the least. Happy to vote for him. Sounds like his true calling is community work. I'm sure the Broncos life-after-football program can help him with "What course do I need to take". Nice guy.

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