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  1. ningnangnong

    ningnangnong HACK THE PLANET!!!

    Who's running one? Any recommendations?
  2. I do, the service I use is called Private Internet Access. It works, that's all I can say.
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  3. I use Private Internet Access too. It's great.

    No Netflix though. If you want Netflix with support that will actually help you get it working, go Express VPN.
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  4. ningnangnong

    ningnangnong HACK THE PLANET!!!

    Nah, don't need Netflix fella.

    Private Internet Access is the one my five solid minutes worth of research led me to, so it's reassuring to know you lads have both had no issues with 'em!
  5. Clintos

    Clintos NRL Captain

    Same one for me.

    I did zero research, but my best mate is a digital forensic investigator so if he tells me it's the one to get I didn't argue. Haha
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  6. soup

    soup State of Origin Rep

    Just bough a 12m subscription with Private Internet Access. BHQ should be getting commission!
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  7. I've used it for my entire trip on my phone too. They have servers everywhere. Speed has never been an issue. I still pull full speed at home on my NBN too. Even on Linux distros.
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  8. I've got IP Vanish which comes with my News Hosting provider. They're a little bit more expensive, but only use their own infrastructure (no third party servers) and keep absolutely 0 logs.

    PIA and Express VPN are great too, but NordVPN is probably the safest of all.

    Remember that a VPN's purpose can often quickly be undone if you have DNS leaks!
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  9. In steps captain elite......we don't all sleep on bars of gold.
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  10. Sproj


    So if you have a VPN, using your phone outside Australia should not cost anything right?
  11. ningnangnong

    ningnangnong HACK THE PLANET!!!

    I've gone with a two year sub to PIA - $86 with 10% off.
    What region do you connect to?
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  12. Smartseal

    Smartseal QCup Player

    I had PIA, but had to many drop out issues. Changed to be able of pure VPN & works a lot better, however I'm not techo enough to say whether it is a quality provider.
    When I got it (nearly 12 mths ago) they had a special of pay for 5 yrs, get 5 free, was around $80aud for the promotion
  13. It's free with my news hosting subscription... try again.
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  14. ningnangnong

    ningnangnong HACK THE PLANET!!!

    This whole VPN thing was far simpler than I anticipated!

    All set up, plugged my DNS leak and doesn't seem to have much of, if any impact on my speed.


    Guess I can become a terrorist now.
  15. Aw.....you ruined my fun
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  16. Oh, I'm sorry... not. :dealwithit:
  17. At home I always connect to Sydney or California depending on what I'm doing.

    Never had an issue beyond my phone app cracking the shits. And I put that down to my phone just being a super d-bag most of the time.
  18. gordjw

    gordjw NRL Player

    No, you still have to connect to the local phone network, and you'll still end up with roaming charges. It's just that your telco can't see what you're looking at once you're connected to the VPN.
  19. Yeah, we are still paying $5 a day to roam. It's mainly for free wifi that I'm using it.
  20. ningnangnong

    ningnangnong HACK THE PLANET!!!

    So, I just had an online order automatically refunded with the following reasoning:

    Guessing this is because of my VPN. Anyone else had this issue before? No big deal, I'll just switch it off to place my order.

    I've also noticed some websites randomly make me go through a CAPTCHA check or something before letting me through.

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