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    I've had the catchpa. I'd say the high risk bit is because the IP is overseas but the shipping address is in Australia.
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  1. For some reason some websites detect the Sydney connection as being US based. I think the IP is originally from the USA hence it is detected as one, even though it's on a Sydney server.

    I've had a couple of issues, usually disconnect and reconnect does the trick.
  2. Yeah, I've been having that issue with the japan server.
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    I'm soon off to the Great Fire Wall nation, any recommendations for which one I should use?
  4. I have a family member over there. I've sent her a message to see.

    China is apparently making attempts at the moment to stop VPNs being used over there.
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    Yeah I've read this as well and that concerns me but where there is a will, there is always a way. Haha
  6. They would lose too many business customers by just blanket banning them. So I doubt they'll get away with it. They have no control over the Internet outside their country, just like stopping piracy, they're never going to win.
  7. She uses BetterNet. It "Works a charm, and is free!". She's been living there around 12 months and this is the one of the ones that Disney recommended to her when she moved up there.
    I reckon the Chinese government won't have an issue with our new domain name: DemocracyForChinaHQ.com

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