OFFICIAL Walsh signs with the Broncos until 2025



Sober for life
Dec 28, 2015
While i do appreciate the sentiments, i must say its not me that does those.

Ive mentioned this before last season, please check out Rugby League Writers website.

Best league analysts site out there. They have turbo-charged my understanding of the game and the predominate trends in the game...

I just add some paragraphs here and there....hoping to enlighten our Bronco HQ bretheren...:happy:
Mate, thanks for the heads up on Rugby League Writers.

That's some good shit right there.

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Jul 10, 2010
Perfect example of an adult conversation. Although given you literally reference yourself I should have expected this.

Come on now. Are you seriously implying that the qld maroons don't have a massively strong anti broncos stench to it these days? Oates is just an example of dozens of "close" call selections over the years. When is the last time broncos had a bolter, left field or lucky selection, because I can name about 10 from the storm, titans and cowboys over the past 3 or 4 years. Gilbert, hammer, Coates over Oates, nanai, feldt, molo ffs, Phillip sami, brenko lee, dearden, the list goes on. Regardless how they went on to perform, they were all very, very debatable. Broncos players seemed to need to produce career best form the weeks leading into origin or consistent top level form for years yet these other guys have 1 or 2 good games that year, or have "something about them that says origin" haha
You mean the period where we sucked and got the wooden spoon? You keep talking about adults, adults want to win. They pick the team they think will win. that makes them look good. I work in Managment and couldn't give a toss who I like or who doesn't like me. I pick the best because that's what is best for me.


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Jul 3, 2021
The way Walsh can just explode in acceleration from a jog makes him easily able to attract multiple defenders when he does a diagonal run which as long as he gets the ball out is an easy line break, I think Arthars might work better for this than Oates because he has more speed as well as Herbie and Mam being on that side we can easily overload the edge with tonnes of speed options.
I think alot of space will open up for Arthur's, he's a under the Radar, underated player which teams may not be as worried about with the focus being on Mam, Herbie and Walsh on the inside.


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Forum Staff
Oct 5, 2011
Missed this video from last week, but love the emotion. Hope he has a great career with us.

I love everything about that. From the emotion of him and his parents to Kev telling the boys not to let him down.

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