NEWS Walters' final shot at Broncos job

Discussion in 'Brisbane Broncos Talk' started by Super Freak, Oct 20, 2018.

  1. pagey

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    Not much difference! You're just speaking shit , making up numbers. You're off ya head
  2. That might be so. But if you think the majority of those players are stars of our game, you're rewarding mediocrity.
  3. pagey

    pagey NRL Captain

    Stars yeah , super stars no ! But to say that they're making up numbers just isn't true.
  4. ivanhungryjak

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  5. Cult3

    Cult3 State of Origin Captain

    Is Walters going to be Seibolds Tallis?
  6. Foordy


    still pissed he didn't get the job ...

    funny thing is even if the Broncos did steal it (according to the article, the club was considering using it long before Walter interview) , It's not like it was Walters original idea ... he stole it from the All Blacks first
  7. broncos4life

    broncos4life International Rep

    “Pack of ****”. Classy.
  8. If she posted that on her private profile and someone leaked it, then did she really do anything wrong?

    Wording in the article is ambiguous.
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  9. broncos4life

    broncos4life International Rep

    **** me, they stole it from Walters too? This is out of control!
  10. Morkel


    Pack of colts, guys. Not mature enough to be Broncos.
  11. I bleed Maroon

    I bleed Maroon State of Origin Rep

    Cheers for the well informed comment, Mrs. Walters. Tell us more about what it takes to coach the biggest sporting club in the country.
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  12. Tom

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    Smart move by the broncs. Interview someone you have no intention of giving the job so you can steal their very original slogan. Now we are unstoppable. Premiership 7 here we come! Take that Walters.
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  14. Tom

    Tom State of Origin Rep

    Chances are someone from the club leaked it to Walters and HE stole it and went into the interview thinking he could get the job by rubbing a few knobs and making everyone think he was on the same wavelength as them and the club.
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  15. Jedhead

    Jedhead NRL Player

    Kevvie was a great Bronco during his time playing for our club. It's a great pity his association with the club post-footy has turned out to be pretty tawdry. The longer the saga of him trying to get the coaching gig goes, the more his reputation gets tarnished. He needs to win a few comp's with another club and make them come after him.
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  16. Yeah... I think his ability to do that is the problem...
  17. FaithinHook

    FaithinHook NRL Player

    "Driving around the city today, I noticed the broncos (sic) have launched their 2019 marketing campaign. What’s the collective term for a group of horses/broncos? A team? More like a pack of c**nts".

    Well gosh Narelle, that sure escalated quickly now didn't it!
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  18. badyon

    badyon QCup Player

    I mean to be fair, Narelle straight up admitted they got it from the 2012 GB Olympic slogan. So posting that picture without that nod is flat out disingenuous.

    I think the point they are making is how tone deaf and generally inept this Broncos management is.

    There's a zillion slogans you can use. If one of your 4 coaching candidates used it as the title of his tabled interview documents, better to just steer on the side of not continuing to piss off one of our greatest servants and come up with something original yourself and side step this.

    Paul White hired Griffin, botched the Bellamy approach massively in public view and pissed everyone off on the coach swap saga (including Seibs). He's presided over our worst slump ever, and can't even run a marketing campaign without it blowing up.

    If there is a **** in all this, it isn't Kev, IMO.
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    It's a business. People seem to forget this.

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