NEWS Walters' final shot at Broncos job

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  1. Morkel


    Narelle apparently posted it to her closed group, someone leaked it. She regrets it, has been torn to strips over it, and is embarassed, as she herself is constantly reminding her kids not to post anything silly on social media as it will come back to bite them.

    Broncos had planned to use that slogan before Kev rocked up with his printed binders.

    No one at fault really, just an unfortunate situation.
  2. ivanhungryjak

    ivanhungryjak NRL Captain

    When will people learn re social media. I have no idea how many people she is following/being followed by but it would be safe to assume that at least some would have some sort of affinity with the Broncos organisation and it was always going to get out.
    Its a bit like the old email warning - never send an email while you've got the shits over something. Leave it a while and go back to it.
  3. Battler

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    I agree that he botched the Bellamy signing, purely because the Broncos could afford to have thrown enough money at him to put the storm out of the picture. It was also ‘leaked’ so it wasn’t meant to be in the public view. Bellamy’s club cheating for several years is part of the reason we’re in a slump as those years coincided with Locky’s last.

    Wayne, from all the evidence we have, was the main one at fault recently. He tried to be cute and play the broncos. He failed and was sacked accordingly.

    Seibold is looking more and more like the right move, but only time and performances will tell.
    So exactly what I suspected. I mean sure it's a little dumb to post criticism on social media at all when you're a semi-public figure but it's hardly a shit move from her. Whoever leaked it is the real **** here. If she's someone with 5000 people on her list though then it may as well have been a public post.
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    A couple of hundred apparently.
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  5. Dexter


    Stories like this is where I hate the media. They will do everything they can to keep this 'feud" alive. Badel and co will be ringing every ex player with a profile and asking for comment then run back to the club in the hope of a juicy response.

    We will be reading about this Kevvie v Broncos for a while and Kev AFAIK hasn't said anything.

    He has obviously declined to comment so watch for rehashing of stories on how he missed the job, anything to keep it bubbling until they can pry a loose comment from someone.
  6. mitch222

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    We should get the old boys angry at treatment of Kev article re run soon
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  7. Doubt half the old boys could read those three words without some help.
  8. Eta Carinae

    Eta Carinae QCup Player

    It's an unfortunate turn of events. I think Kev would have been a good coach but Seibold is better. Club should have made a call on Bennett much sooner. Ditto for Bennett moving to Souffs. All this nastiness could have been avoided.
 can take the girl out of Ippy, but you can't take Ippy out of the girl. :D

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