We need to talk about Milford

Discussion in 'Brisbane Broncos Talk' started by I bleed Maroon, Mar 16, 2017.

  1. pagey

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    Johnson has a half decent kicking game
  2. Kyall

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    Milford also has a half decent kicking game, his kicking towards the end of this year has improved a lot.
  3. Taylor1921

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    Milford has a great short kicking game and a below average long range, Bennett and Walters will have a training regime to improve game control. Kodi and Milford will be more mature next season. Some of you guys on here just need to relax.
  4. Yeah but IMO lacks consistency guilty of fading in and out during a match too often. That being said the Warriors are pretty much that too so perhaps a change of environment might help.
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  5. Accept

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    Milford will definitely improve especially with a clean bill of health. As for his partner, I don't share the same confidence, in fact, I would put money on it that he won't be the long term #7. He simply doesn't have the skill set nor mind set required.
  6. pagey

    pagey NRL Player

    Only time will tell , i think everyone is keen on a premiership. Time to relax will come after some glory !
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  7. theshed

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    I actually respectfully completely disagree.

    To me Kodi seem extremely coachable. I think with a good halves coach, a preseason and a whole season at halfback that he could become very consistent and solid. Milf on the other hand seems to be a very naturally gifted player who struggles to have a Cronk like regimented approach to the game.

    I think they could be potentially very complimentary to each other given the chance.
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  8. "You're a very nice person Kodi" said Milford

    "Thanks Anthony, you're a top chap yourself" replied Kodi

    Sorry......couldn't resist :)
  9. The only thing I'm concerned about with Milford is his attitude. His attitude off the field and whether he can do all of the right things to improve as a player on the field.

    Hopefully, Walters can fix that and we can see Milford finally live up to his potential. It will be $1 million well spent if he can.

    Milford will develop into the player we all want him to be, provided he does the hard work off the field. That's the only thing stopping him at the moment.
  10. Jason Simmons

    Jason Simmons NRL Player

    And a busted shoulder...
  11. Please, he wasn't putting in the hard work long before the busted shoulder.. But you don't need a good shoulder to fix your attitude towards training, dieting, alcohol and getting the help you need to get to that next level. You can still apply yourself in all of those things and put in the hard yards even with a busted shoulder...
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  12. Accept

    Accept NRL Player

    Maybe a 900K a season pay packet will change his attitude. If it doesn't, then his career will be limited.
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  13. Jason Simmons

    Jason Simmons NRL Player

    I know, that’s why I highlighted the ‘at the moment bit’. I find it strange the light bulb seemed to flick on once he busted his shoulder and he started doing all those things you suggests he needs to, which I fully agree with, btw. He seemed to drop weight, up his cardio and find some of his earlier pace and agility... To me he seemed to play better in the back half of the year because of this even with the busted shoulder, than he did earlier...

    If he can carry that through his rehab and into next season, that can only lead to good things.
  14. Got our new desk calenders today. We've switched to Milford brand. The holes are off a bit and its a tight fit.

    It's a sign, Milf will be overweight again!
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