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Legendary hard man Shane Webcke cherishes this memory of Darren Lockyer, after winning the 2006 NRL Grand Final:

“I will never forget, when the final hooter sounded, I was still screaming at Justin Hodges about something so we wouldn’t lose and at that point we couldn’t lose but it was just in my head that we had to win for our club and our supporters. The moment that hooter went, I thought my footy career is over and it was amazing. The very next thing I knew, my wife and kids were on the field."

“I’ve been so fortunate in my life that I became a professional footballer and it was at a club like the Broncos. My career was crystallised for a few moments there and one of the great days of my life.”

When Broncos captain Darren Lockyer was summoned to lift the Provan-Summons Trophy, he called for his retiring teammate:

“I’d just like to call up someone who deserves to do this as much as anyone. Shane Webcke, come and help me hold it up.”


Webcke said:

“Locky was a magnificent footballer but an even better bloke. We became good friends over the many years we played for the Broncos, Queensland and Australia and he was just as good as they come. He had God-given talent that the rest of us lusted over but more importantly, he was humble and a good leader. I was flattered that he thought to bring me up because he didn’t have to do that and that speaks volumes about how happy he was for me. I was happy to not do that."

“I have an image of that that he’s signed for me and I treasure it because that epitomises one of the better days of my footy career.”

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There was great story from Kemp about Webke that he told on his Willie Mason episode.

Something about when kemp first came into the top squad after a training session, everyone was excused except Kemp, Webke and Wayne. Wayne told Denan to run straight at Webke. And Webke muttered to Kemp “if you try to step me, I will kill you” or something to that effect. Kemp was packing it but was even more scared to not just cop his medicine. Webke folded a young Kemp with only Wayne around to witness.

Probably hazing or workplace bullying these days. Interesting way to keep the young back humble around the club though.

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**** I hate seeing that picture of Webby and Locky these days. All it does is remind me of how far we've fallen. That squad that won that trophy was world class, back in the days when the Broncos were delivering 7+ starters to QLD. Now look at it; A shallow skeleton of a team trying to get by on trumped up optimism and overpaid indignity.


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I remember watching the news as a kid and Steve Irwin turned up to Broncos training. He either tried to tackle or run over Webcke, I can't remember, but got hammered either way lol

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