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Discussion in 'General Talk' started by Morkel, Nov 12, 2015.

  1. Damn, this guy just died.
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  4. I've been listening to Eminem's new album Kamikaze.

    It's an improvement on Revival, that album was just rubbish, but it doesn't compare to his older albums. He's the greatest rapper of all time, but he's getting on in years and he's losing his touch. He's losing that edge that made him who he is.

    I think he just needs to retire.
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    Haven't heard every track, but I like FALL.
  6. It's a good album. The return of Slim Shady. Full of diss tracks.

    But it's just not as good as his earlier albums. Probably because he isn't off the rails like he used to be. I just don't think he has that edge he used to have anymore. Although, it seems a lot of rappers are still afraid of him, except for MGK. I wonder if there is going to be a response to Rap Devil.
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    Should be interesting. Joe Budden had a rant he was a better rapper on his podcast and how Em never helped him, but won't get into anything, which has caused 50cent to threaten him.
    I'd say EM will absolutely fire up over Kelly.

    I agree, I think his best work is behind him. Early stuff was just prolific, savage and genius.
    Doing duos with other main stream artists like Rhianna ugh.
  8. I love this one. He destroys mumble rappers.


  9. Sorry guys, stuck in 2004 again.
  10. This beat was catchy AF TBH.

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  12. Yeah nice. Song is a bit of a crack up. Always get a laugh out of "I stopped sharking a minute to get chips and drinks"
  13. Eminem has responded.

    This is the Eminem I grew up listening to.
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    Cheers mate. Lil Goof, machine gun with a man bun.. lol
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