What song are you listening to?


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I'm clearly too fucking old to get Billie Eilish. Tried to listen to some of her songs last night to get the hype and she is fucking awful. You can barely call it singing and the fact that she is held up as pop's great white hope confirms that music is dead.

I hate myself for listening to that.

Big Pete

International Captain
I hear a lot of Lorde in Eilish.

Not my type of music, but then again not everything can be Mi-Sex. It seems like she's going after that old Vine crowd, she has a ton of memes in her video and in her lyrics. Or should I say Finneas' lyrics? Bad Guy is pretty silly but we're talking about a genre where 'This shit is bananas' was a runaway smash hit so it seems fairly appropos. Ocean Eyes seems like a more straightforward song and actually not that bad at all. That was the song that brought her to the dance and seems fairly straight forward.

Again, I find it difficult to fit it in there with Sherbert and Patrick Hernandez but the kids are alright.

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