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Hey all, we used to have a 'Random Thread' to post random stuff that's going on. I flicked through the existing threads and they were all too specific.

So what's up people? What's happening that you'd care to share?

I'll start by saying that my wife gave birth tonight at 10:55pm to my first son, Hayden John Quinn. I'm pretty happy.


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That's awesome man . Wild ride . So you have daughters?
I have one daughter. That's more than enough. She's at home with her Nana sleeping, I'm about to head home to tell her her brother's finally here.


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That's great Morkel. This is Always a time you will remember forever. Love it and get some rest. Congratulations mate . I have two little girls of my own.


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Congratulations Morkel. First child or just the first son? Its not long before our first born arrives, which puts us in that frantic and hysterical 'preparation' period. i can imagine that only gets more intense when the big day finally arrives

edit: not the first child then, at least you'll have some experience then :thumbup1:
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Mr Fourex

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Yeah know what you mean Harry .......for the young bloke's sake, let's hope he takes after his Mum's side. :winky:

Congrats Morks,

It's a nice feeling, knowing that your family name will end up surviving another generation and you won't be remembered as the one where it stopped.

I had a bit of rivalary between me and my cousin, both of us having sisters....no brothers.

Mr F clinched it with two masculine boys

Cuz failed to produce any ......



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[MENTION=8311]Harry Sack[/MENTION], unfortunately everyone's saying he looks like me. On the plus side, no surgery requiring stitches anywhere on his forehead so he'll be safe from Lewis06. On the plus plus side, he has a monster todger and a ballsack that reminds me of that dog from Van Wilder, so with any luck future generations of Quinn's are all but assured. Quite possibly this kid's ability to impregnate others may be akin to an airborne virus. And on the plus plus plus side, in stark contrast to my daughter, he has inherited my ability to sleep at a moments notice, for considerable time and almost comatose. Thank ****.

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