NEWS Why Anthony Seibold should make Anthony Milford a co-captain at the Broncos

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    The Bunker: Why Anthony Seibold should make Anthony Milford a co-captain at the Broncos

    Anthony Seibold should take a $1 million gamble and make Anthony Milford a co-captain of the Brisbane Broncos.
    Seibold is well into his new life at Red Hill as coach of the Broncos in the post-Wayne Bennett era.
    He has got his head around the club, how it operates and the players at his disposal.
    He will also have an intimate understanding of Brisbane’s salary cap and which players should be leading the way in the 2019 NRL season.
    At the top of the pile is Milford – the highest paid player in Broncos history on $1 million-a-season.
    Anthony Milford is the highest-paid player in Broncos history, bringing in $1 million-a-season. Picture: Chris Hyde/Getty Images
    At 24 and with 143 NRL games under his belt, the time has come for Milford to deliver on his promise consistently.
    It’s not his fault what the Broncos are paying him, but with that sort of cash comes responsibility and so far Milford has appear to stay away from that.
    A fortnight ago, Seibold claimed Milford was “in career-best shape” despite being on the comeback from a shoulder reconstruction.
    Given Milford’s training ethic under Bennett, it wouldn’t have taken much for Seibold to find improvement in that area.
    But fitness doesn’t equal success. For too long, Milford has been happy to play without the responsibility of being Brisbane’s most important player.

    That must end now.
    If Seibold is to help the Broncos snap a 13-year premiership drought, he needs to extract the best from Milford weekly.
    And the way to do that is make him accountable outside the Broncos’ inner sanctum.
    Despite his injury struggles, the Broncos’ captaincy has brought out the best in Darius Boyd.
    He has done nothing to deserve losing the captaincy, which is why Milford should join him in a co-captaincy model.
    Boyd, 31, potentially only has one more season left in him and if Milford is going to be Brisbane’s highest paid player for the foreseeable future then he should also lead the club.
    The captaincy would make him more accountable on the field and among his teammates, but it would also help him mature away from the field.
    Leadership has done nothing but help Darius Boyd, although new coach Anthony Seibold may only have hime for one more season. Picture: AAP Image/Dan Peled
    Milford’s off-field presence does not match that of a million-dollar player.
    His highlights reel is outstanding, but he does not have the commercial appeal of the NRL’s true superstars.
    Seibold doesn’t have to look far to see what captaincy can do to a player.
    At the North Queensland Cowboys in 2007, Johnathan Thurston was appointed captain at the age of 23.
    He was a young, talented footballer on the rise.
    Thurston was also shy, reluctant to be a leader and enjoyed having a good time away from the field, sometimes so much that he found himself in strife.
    Thurston captained the Cowboys until he retired at the end of last season, sharing the duties with fellow North Queensland legend Matt Scott at times along the way.
    The Harvard-educated Seibold is a left-field thinker, always looking for a tactical advantage that his rivals are yet to come across.
    He is determined to forge a legacy at the Broncos and guide Brisbane out of Bennett’s shadow.
    What better way to do that than do what Bennett could not - unlock the code to Anthony Milford and deliver the Broncos a seventh title.

    Source: Courier Mail
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    Yeah nah
  3. badyon

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    Negative ghost rider, the pattern is full.
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    Just give him a fancy title like Dwight had in the Office and move on, in the end putting a (C) after his name doesn't change how important to the side he is or has been, no less then Darren Lockyer was when Tallis was captain.
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    Assistant to the captain.
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  5. Thelmus

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    I don't know about captain but surely he is already in a leadership role as chief playmaker. If he isn't he should be.
    That alone should place him in a role requiring a more mature outlook, and to be honest I think it has already been shown in the way he has approached the responsibility and the increased work ethic with it that he has grown a lot from both that and the stability of his personal life with his partner, recently becoming a father.
    Does he really need to be captain? I think it's unnecessary at this stage and may actually be counterproductive to the goal of getting the best out of both himself and his teammates.
    When Boyd goes, sure but only if he is ready to take on it as more than just a brand building exercise.
    Our next captain should be our best trainer, a player others can rely on when things get tough, and someone who can both lift the weight of pressures and expectations on his teammates when neccessary but drive a positive culture within the club as well.
    There are plenty of players that fill some of that criteria, but perhaps not all of them.
    For mine Macca is the ideal candidate and whilst not the kind of superstar we normally have, is a consistent player and leader, on and off the field. He handles himself well in interviews and is obviously someone other players look to. Is he perfect? No and someone might come along who supplants him with superior skill but I think he would grow with the role and if Siebold can make a journeyman hooker into an origin star he might be able to get a little more from macca.
    Regardless, until Darius finally gives in to his hamstring issues its all speculation anyway.
  6. jarro65

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    I think it's a great idea.
  7. Gaz

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    Need a tough man to be captain, ie Tallis / Hodgy. Needs respect from the opposition as well as team mates. M. Lodge would be perfect if he continues as is and stays. Communication with him doesn’t seem to be a problem. Maybe he is being groomed.
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  8. I don't have a news LTD sub, who's the author of that article?
  9. ivanhungryjak

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    Travis Meyn
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  10. Alec

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    I mean, you could just chuck your highest paid player as captain and hope he rises to the occasion. I'd rather him consistently show that he deserves to be one though first, just like Boyd in 2015 and 2016 (even though his captaincy hasn't been particularly great).
  11. Browny

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  12. Caniffe


    In terms of out of season tripe articles, that's up there.

    Love Milf, but that article is clutching at straws
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  13. Thelmus

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    I be reluctant to go there for a number of reasons. Whilst I respect the way he has reformed himself and is a fine leader of sorts among the forwards, the captain is so much more than just a leader of men.
    He represents the club to anyone new to the game or to whom they would seek to coax to support it. For all wewmight wish it were not so, lodge will forever be tied to his past by some, despite the reform. Furthermore, like a reformed thief ("once a thief, always a thief") there are permanent, limiting consequences to his potential future that are inherent to past actions, despite the perceived injustice that the expectation of recommittal of violence appears to be.
    The loss of trust from society is a consequence that needs to be accepted as long term if not permanent.
    Besides that, there is the fact that the man that leads the team (unless as co-captain) will be missing for 20 minutes a game, whilst he rests for a second stint.
    With such a young side that would hardly be ideal.
  14. Gaz

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    Still think he’s a chance.
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  15. Milford struggles at the moment (last season anyway) to control the game so why would you want to put extra responsibility on him at this stage $$$ has NOTHING to do with being a Captain
  16. Nope. You have A captain. He's not much of a player now, but Daria is still our captain. The only one.
  17. Allo

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    Not a mountain of evidence to back the suggestion, but you can’t deny he’s controlling games more. The Roosters game at the end for example
  18. holdzy89

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    If we keep Milf the rest of his career (contingent upon his performance of course) he will be captain one day, I’m sure.
    It will be different in future I'm sure I was realy just talking about 2019 he doesn't need extra pressure

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